• Zack Farmer AvatarZack Farmer

    Every time Dr. Stoffer adjusts me, I feel 10 years younger. He is hands down the best chiropractor I have been to and I've been going to chiropractors for over 30 years. You can trust him to diagnose and get to the root of your complaint. Ask for Dr. Stoffer the next time you go to Inner Health! - 3/02/2021 

    Ian S AvatarIan S

    Dr. Stoffer is incredibly insightful in how he explained what was causing my pain to me and his treatment got me back to normal in no time! Thanks doc! - 3/02/2021 

    Kevin McBride AvatarKevin McBride

    Excellent quality of care. This was my first chiropractic experience. Dr. Caitlin Atkinson does a great job of going over treatment options. Excellent job of explaining the process during the adjustment, helped me get comfortable with the process quickly. - 3/02/2021 

    Nelta Harrow AvatarNelta Harrow

    The Doctor who is treating me found my problem, when 3 other doctors could not. He showed x-rays and explained what was going on. The first time he worked on me I felt relief, and now I'm almost 100% and ready to go back to work. His staff is awesome, this office has really helped. - 3/01/2021 

    thomas todd Avatarthomas todd

    The doc is amazing, staff is awesome too!!!!! - 2/26/2021 

    Leca Monet AvatarLeca Monet

    Great customer service I recommend this place they’re the best ❤️ - 2/25/2021 

    Charles White AvatarCharles White

    Great staff, friendly knowledgeable chiropractors. - 2/25/2021 

    Madeline Mendez AvatarMadeline Mendez

    Friendly staff . Loved the massage Carmen gave to me this woman has the hands of an angel. - 2/23/2021 

    Monika Kaur AvatarMonika Kaur

    Dr. Kate is THE best chiropractor ever. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating with last minute appointments. I’m so glad I found them! Definitely recommend!!!! - 2/22/2021 

    OHerron Sue AvatarOHerron Sue

    They listen too you and service is great, they get you in right away, and have flexible schedules. Bree is the receptionist and more! She covers several positions and still remains friendly and very courteous. - 2/20/2021 

    Vanessa Vititoe AvatarVanessa Vititoe

    Super nice staff! Very accommodating. - 2/17/2021 

    Micaella Bruton AvatarMicaella Bruton

    They were able to get me in same day, called me an Uber because my car wasn’t able to be driven (car accident) and also sent me home with an awesome support pillow, hot/cold pack, and some roll on pain reliever. Everyone was so friendly from start to finish and they’ve been just as amazing every visit since! - 2/08/2021 

    Joanna Renner AvatarJoanna Renner

    My husband and I had such a wonderful experience at Inner Health Chiropractic!! We got an appointment right away, and the staff is extremely kind. They made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions! We will definitely be back! Thanks Dr. Bone! - 2/03/2021 

    marisol hernandez Avatarmarisol hernandez

    Love it here good service🤗💜 - 2/01/2021 

    Melani M AvatarMelani M

    Oh I love this place! They have helped me so much! Gentle easy adjustments and Massage. I have never before experienced a full massage as part of chiropractic care but I am certainly in love with it now! I think its been 4 months of amazing relief for me! - 1/24/2021 

    TJ “TJ” Roach-Wade AvatarTJ “TJ” Roach-Wade

    Staff is very friendly. Took me a minute to warm up. I wasn't given clear instructions on my first visit on where to wait, stand, or sit. I'm a regular and now know. - 1/21/2021 

    Dee DiPiero AvatarDee DiPiero

    I have been going to Inner Health Chiropractic’s for about 4 years. I initially went because I had 24/7 back pain which an MD with an MRI could not diagnose- the chiropractor fixed my back with minimal adjustments snd gave me a diagnosis. Since then I have been extremely satisfied with the chiropractor, the massage therapist and the office staff. It is a very comfortable office and despite COVID- I feel safe. I highly recommend them! - 1/21/2021 

    Martin Orvets AvatarMartin Orvets

    Dr Atkinson has been wonderful to work with and has a very genuine personality which spills over to the staff and makes a visit there very pleasant. Massage therapist is also top notch. Best Chiropractic practice in Columbus Ohio - 1/18/2021 

    Katherine Appl AvatarKatherine Appl

    Dr. Caitlin Atkinson has been incredible to work with. Extremely personable, cares about connecting with you every step of the way and teaching you why/how your body is injured and the steps to better health. She is a true teacher at heart. I have seen faster results in two weeks then months of working with others. I highly recommend Dr. Atkinson and the team at Inner Health. - 1/17/2021 

    Maria Alexis AvatarMaria Alexis

    I love the chiropractor here. He knows what he is doing and I feel safe in allowing him to help my son with autism recover from a recent car accident. Everyone there is also caring and very nice. - 1/12/2021 

    Flanagan Janet AvatarFlanagan Janet

    Very good service. Highly recommended - 1/04/2021 

  • Ricky AvatarRicky

    I absolutely love going here. I had a pretty bad accident/injury almost a year ago. After more than 9 months of dealing with lower back and ankle pain, I was referred to see, Dr. Taylor. Within a couple of months I am back to feeling almost pre-accident condition. What an amazing difference they have made in helping me feel better. I look forward to our future appointments. - 1/03/2021 

    John Dixon AvatarJohn Dixon

    Great staff, on time service. Very knowledgeable. - 12/28/2020 

    Wendy Brown AvatarWendy Brown

    This was my first time in seeing a chiropractor!! They were very friendly, explained everything step by step and very clean facility!!. Excellent customer service!! - 12/27/2020 

    Sheryl Howell-douglass AvatarSheryl Howell-douglass

    This is Awesome place, with amazing staff to meet all your needs. been coming here for long time...Blessings..Merry Christmas - 12/24/2020 

    Mandy Fox AvatarMandy Fox

    The entire staff cares about making this a friendly feeling place. I came here as I was having horrible back pain which made daily life difficult. After coming here a couple weeks I am feeling so much better. I am learning a lot from the Doctors about body movement and appreciate all the assistance in my well being. - 12/15/2020 

    Amber AvatarAmber

    Dr. Katie at Inner Health Chiropractic in Dublin, is by far the most talented and in depth Chiropractor I have ever seen. She takes her time to hear her patient's concerns then works to see in what ways she can help. Then she helps...sounds funny I know, but I have been to other places where I did not get the help I needed.

    It's not just a "pop," "pop" here and there. She focuses on the areas of pain, finds the problem, feels the area, then she adjusts it accordingly. I have never seen such detailed care before. I can't tell you how many times I have seen other Chiropractors for them to do the same exact adjustments every single appointment. Dr. Katie is like a breath of fresh air.

    She truly cares and it shows and in this world, that in itself is golden. She pays attention to detail and doesn't only adjust my problem areas, but also educates me why they are my problem areas and gives me solutions to work on at home to become my healthiest me...and as I get older, believe me...any help I can get with having happy, healthy bones is a plus.

    I never knew there was much of a difference in the Chiropractic community, but through circumstance of being in an accident and meeting Dr. Katie, I learned there definitely is a difference.

    The standard of care given at this practice is golden. Finding Dr. Katie as my Chiropractor has truly been a blessing and now my whole family comes here.

    Thank you Dr. Katie for being an absolute amazing doctor. Thank you Olivia, Haylee and Brandy and everyone else for being amazing team members that always greet me with kindness and a smile.

    I highly recommend Dr. Katie and her team. - 12/05/2020 

    Eri Stewart AvatarEri Stewart

    Im so satisfied with my visit!! I feel good and everyone there was so nice, they took good care of me. THANK YOU MARK! - 12/01/2020 

    Terrance Zerla AvatarTerrance Zerla

    Been to a dozen Chiropractors over decades, Dr. Milhorn is the best. - 11/22/2020 

    Melani Moore AvatarMelani Moore

    This practice is truly amazing unlike any chiropractor office I have dealt with before. Caitlin the doctor is so wonderful explaining everything thoroughly both what she think is going on with your body to what she is going to do to help you. She is gentle and kind. Every bed is a roller massage bed! And they have an in-house masseuse who is really really good and an equal part of your treatment. The staff is friendly and kind of the office is clean and covid compliant. I highly recommend! - 11/18/2020 

    Nate Anucha Thinthapthai AvatarNate Anucha Thinthapthai

    I love coming here. Other chiropractors always try to sell me things. Not here. Always good conversations with Dr. milleriron. - 11/17/2020 

    Deborah Johanna AvatarDeborah Johanna

    I feel like they do a great job of assessing and having a plan to improve your condition, through adjustments but also exercises you can do on your own that help your posture and strengthen weak areas. - 11/14/2020 

    Traci Walker AvatarTraci Walker

    Amazing care and detail to needs. - 11/14/2020 

    Vanessa Spradlin AvatarVanessa Spradlin

    From the receptionist' to the physical therapist & chiropractors they make the best team. I highly enjoy coming here always feel welcome & they all do an amazing job. Ever since I've started this journey here with my scoliosis, I've gotten much better @ managing the pain & discomfort that can come with it. My life has changed with their help I'm very grateful! 🙂 - 11/13/2020 

    Pat Johnston AvatarPat Johnston

    Love Dr Atkinson she is thorough, kind & informative. The staff is wonderfully patient & kind as well. I highly recommend this practice 👍👍👍👍👍 - 11/11/2020 

    chantel mcdowell Avatarchantel mcdowell

    The staff is amazing and extremely welcoming!! I used to come here a few years ago and fully expected to see the same staff and wasn’t sure how to feel about seeing a new doctor, but the new crew is truly wonderful and I am very happy at this location. My doctor listens to my needs and makes me feel as though I’m in charge of my treatment plan. The communication the office sends out regarding confirming/cancelling appointments is honestly better than anywhere else I’ve been. It’s simple, easy, and convenient. What more could you ask for?! I recommend this location to everyone! - 11/09/2020 

    Abby Huffman AvatarAbby Huffman

    Everyone in the office is kind and friendly, and my doctor has done an excellent job explaining the process to me as well as walking me through my X-rays. The adjustments and massages seriously leave me feeling like a new human being. I go twice a week for optimum results. - 10/31/2020 

    Lady S Davis AvatarLady S Davis

    I’ve been going to Inner Health. Chiropractor for years. The staff is always friendly, caring and professional. - 10/28/2020 

    Maria Anita AvatarMaria Anita

    Friendly, attentive staff. The chiropractor is very knowledgeable and kind. They social distance and wear masks. I have only seen 1 or 2 other patients in the office while I was there. Very clean office, easy to find. - 10/28/2020 

    Ron Amburgey AvatarRon Amburgey

    With a few adjustments I'm back playing golf regularly - 10/27/2020 

    Sonya Wright AvatarSonya Wright

    Very professional, clean environment and always have me feeling completely revived when done! - 10/27/2020 

    Irene Testerman AvatarIrene Testerman

    I go to the West Broad location. I had a fall at work and found Inner Health Chiropractic after being in a lot of pain. I continue to improve and I’m really happy to start feeling better. - 10/26/2020 

  • Mark Cleveland AvatarMark Cleveland

    Extremely professional staff ...my whole experience has been above and beyond my expectations. Beginning as soon as i walk into the office ...would highly recommend to family and friends ..m - 10/21/2020 

    leah charamut Avatarleah charamut

    I had a medical massage for the first time ever here. Excellent! No pain and he is extremely knowledgeable, I have so much information about good body mechanics and muscle physiology to help my back stay healthy now. Thankyou! - 10/14/2020 

    Vanessa Spradlin AvatarVanessa Spradlin

    Staff is very friendly & welcoming! I see a chiropractor for my back, mild scoliosis, & they do a great job @ adjusting me!! my back feels so much better after going about a month or two now 🙂 I'm so appreciative & I recommend coming here - 9/29/2020 

    Alina Sharma AvatarAlina Sharma

    This is the best place i have ever been to , i love everyone here , it feels like home ☺️☺️ This is my first hospital or whatever but i have had bestest like bestest treatment , each and every doctor and staff makes you feel so good and welcomed and the best part is like other hospitals they never ask you your first or last name every-time you visit, actually they know you by your name and you just have to do is take temperature and go to doctor , thank you for being so good , if i get chance i would recommend everyone to you❤️ - 9/29/2020 

    Dernier Cri AvatarDernier Cri

    Very caring! Staff calls or text regularly, (not at all in an invasive way) to monitor pain and progress. The doctor customized my treatment plan with care and empathy. Their massage therapist did an amazing job! I recommend to anyone who needs chiropractic care. - 9/28/2020 

    Amanda Bellanger Washington AvatarAmanda Bellanger Washington

    I've been going to the Broad Street location for a while now.....with awesome results!! I was a first timer and nervous, but the doc talked to me about everything and was able to get my headaches to disappear. Highly recommended!!! - 9/21/2020 

    Chris Freas AvatarChris Freas

    My experience with Inner Health was great! The receptionists were very nice and helpful with getting me started and checked in very quickly and the doctors there are amazing. They took the time to thoroughly check me out and find out what is going on with my condition and I am looking forward to continuing my therapy with them! I would highly recommend them to anyone! - 9/17/2020 

    Creandra Lovett AvatarCreandra Lovett

    OMG the doctor changed my life... was scheduled for an hip injection, and a week before I was scheduled for the procedure something told me to give the chiropractor office on W. Broad a call... I've never been to one before and wasn't anticipating it... but it was one of the best decisions that I've ever made! I felt an immediate result after the doctor adjusted my hip and back and I cancelled my injection procedure, and so far so good 😍 - 9/17/2020 

    Jana Jones AvatarJana Jones

    Inner health is great! I’ve visited several locations and everyone is very friendly, committed to providing good service. A special thanks to Tameka, Jeremy and Dr Milliron at the East Broad location, thank you all very much! - 9/07/2020 

    Maurice Hairston AvatarMaurice Hairston

    Love going here the Dr. has taken care of my pain that has affected me for years giving me a better quality of life and the deep tissue massages along with getting adjusted will melt your pain away. - 9/05/2020 

    Shane Mitchell AvatarShane Mitchell

    Quick response 2 appointment times always fit me in - 8/28/2020 

    Ebenezer de Oliveira AvatarEbenezer de Oliveira

    Everyone is friendly and highly skilled at what they do. Glad I found this place! - 8/24/2020 

    kayla reeves Avatarkayla reeves

    I had a great experience very welcoming and caring atmosphere - 8/15/2020 

    Travis  Jarrell AvatarTravis Jarrell

    Man ole man. I'll tell you what I've been dealing with low back pain and sciatica for about 5 years and I've seen many many doctors trying to find a reason for it. I'm an in-shape healthy young... 35 year old man and I couldn't believe that I was going through this pain and getting putoout of work for sometimes a month at a time at such a young age. So after seeing a specialist and doing physical therapy to no avail I took it upon myself to make an appointment at Inner Health Chiropractic because it didn't seem like one of the steps from my specialist. So anyways after my first exam Dr. Bone....no kidding. Very fitting name if you ask me. Dr. Bone had it figured out....my lumbar area of my spine is too straight! Well as weird as it was for me to hear that my spine is too straight it's great news because it's the only real problem that has been pointed out in thousands of dollars in doctors visits. I'd say after two weeks I'm in no pain at all now. I feel normal for once in a very long time. And just to add this in there they are a very well put together team from the front desk back to the adjusting table I was only in there one time over 15 minutes, and that was the exam and x-ray. So all in all a wonderful experience for me so I'm giving a full 5 stars. - 8/11/2020 

    Travis Jarrell AvatarTravis Jarrell

    Man ole man. I'll tell you what I've been dealing with low back pain and sciatica for about 5 years and I've seen many many doctors trying to find a reason for it. I'm an in-shape healthy young... 35 year old man and I couldn't believe that I was going through this pain and getting putoout of work for sometimes a month at a time at such a young age. So after seeing a specialist and doing physical therapy to no avail I took it upon myself to make an appointment at Inner Health Chiropractic because it didn't seem like one of the steps from my specialist. So anyways after my first exam Dr. Bone....no kidding. Very fitting name if you ask me. Dr. Bone had it figured out....my lumbar area of my spine is too straight! Well as weird as it was for me to hear that my spine is too straight it's great news because it's the only real problem that has been pointed out in thousands of dollars in doctors visits. I'd say after two weeks I'm in no pain at all now. I feel normal for once in a very long time. And just to add this in there they are a very well put together team from the front desk back to the adjusting table I was only in there one time over 15 minutes, and that was the exam and x-ray. So all in all a wonderful experience for me so I'm giving a full 5 stars. - 8/11/2020 

    Red Howell AvatarRed Howell

    From the first friendly call with Brandi to the excellent, professional, warm consult with Dr. Caitlin, the experience met and exceeded my expectations. Dr. Caitlin was very kind, patient, and engaging while listening to my medical history and previous chiropractor experience. She also recommended steps I could take at home to help relieve my sciatic pain. My sincere thanks to the entire staff for making my initial visit so memorable. I can't wait to come back. - 8/05/2020 

    Anna Schumacher AvatarAnna Schumacher

    I love this place! This is my first experience with a chiropractor and so far it’s been amazing. I’ve had several visits to help reduce the pain I feel in my tailbone and it has been helping a lot. The staff is also very friendly and professional. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! - 8/05/2020 

    Angela Layne AvatarAngela Layne

    i have been going to them now for a couple weeks very good drs - 7/31/2020 

    David Polakowski AvatarDavid Polakowski

    The office and staff are amazing. Dr. Bone and Chris Smith have done wonders for me. - 7/13/2020 

    Chekia Cermack AvatarChekia Cermack

    The staff is very kind and helpful. When I first went in I was in horrible pain emotionally and physically they all made my accident easier. They are understanding when I was running late and they made sure that I had a ride on days when I couldn't rely on family members I would definitely consider coming here again just to say hello to everyone. - 7/06/2020 

    Ryan Masters AvatarRyan Masters

    I had never been to the Chiropractor before. I had the idea in my mind of how epic it should be. Nothing could prepare me for what came next. I laid there nervously, worried like I was awaiting a first kiss, or hearing my newest prison sentence. Then it happened: a twist here, a push there, a body manipulation everywhere. I knew then that I would have to come up with a good excuse for why I was naked and crying in a minute or two, a reason why I was falling in love. I suggest this spine altering love making to everyone who wants to feel truly alive in this dead world. - 6/24/2020 

  • Alisha Hayes AvatarAlisha Hayes

    I went to Inner Health Chiropractic in Dublin yesterday and it was wonderful! The whole staff was so friendly from the moment I walked in! Laura was so nice for setting me up with my paperwork and the doctors were very personable. What really impressed me the most though was the massage therapist Haley!!! She relaxed my neck, shoulders and back while also working out my problem areas around my knees. By far the best massage I’ve ever had! Thank you all again and I will be back! - 6/10/2020 

    LeRon Caldwell AvatarLeRon Caldwell

    Very friendly and professional. From the front desk, doctors office to the table my experience was a great one. - 5/19/2020 

    Richard hardy AvatarRichard hardy

    I went to inner health after a car accident. I was experiencing neck and lower back pain. I was also experiencing severe headaches. They explained my x rays thoroughly and set up a treatment plan. I have 2 more scheduled visits and I'm a new man. No more neck or back pain. My headaches have went away. I feel that now I can finally start being more active without the fear of waking up the following day with back pain. I can't thank the entire staff at inner health enough. - 5/07/2020 

    James Sparks AvatarJames Sparks

    Man, this team is all about the health and welfare of their clients. Very knowledgeable and ahead of the field they are in. Top of the line equipment, they do their research as well. People oriented and friendly staff. I would recommend these folks to anyone. From stay at home moms to professional athletes. - 5/06/2020 

    Michael Garrison AvatarMichael Garrison

    All staff is very nice and helpful and walked me through every step that I needed to do, I hope all my visits will be the same just started last week and I'm almost pain free, I'm feeling better and sleeping better. Thank you so much. - 4/06/2020 

    Patricia Schneider AvatarPatricia Schneider

    I love going here. The front desk staff are always friendly and helpful, both in person and on the phone. Terrill is the best masseuse I have ever been to. - 3/07/2020 

    Jennifer Robinson AvatarJennifer Robinson

    The physical therapy doctor really took time to explain all he was doing and the pain management plan he was going to do. - 12/23/2019 

    Leslie Pennington AvatarLeslie Pennington

    This office and staff are amazing. They explain what’s wrong with you, explain what they can do to help with the condition and help explain your insurance benefits to you.

    If you are looking for an amazing office look no further. - 11/08/2019 

    Justin Van AvatarJustin Van

    The two people at the front desk work real well and are really funny. A great they have and it makes me feel welcomed when I arrive and leave. They the chiropractor himself is an amazing man and they know what they are doing unlike other places I been. You know what is going on with your body and you do not have to worry about them chasing a check. I have fully recovered from my injuries because of their help! I recommend this place to everyone and anyone - 11/07/2019 

    Bradley Gallant AvatarBradley Gallant

    Very professional, nice, and be ready to be welcomed by your new family! Dr.Latonia is about the long-term, and is realistic about your pain. The best part is he does not shy from giving you the tough news, but will help you anyway they can. The nurses really care for you, remember you, and pick up the conversation from where it was left off like you never left. I would 100 out of 100 recommend them. - 10/25/2019 

    Anthony Bowling AvatarAnthony Bowling

    I absolutely love this place my name is Anthony and I am a athlete my doctor Dr.taylor was a football player and always gives advice on different ways to make sure I lift weights correctly and is always interested in what's going on with my football training it's never akward or uneasy even if you don't play sports he's very good at making conversation and making sure your ok. Also the rest of the staff is amazing they always have a big smile on there faces and make sure your comfortable I will never choose a different chiropractor. - 6/27/2019 

    Liz Boczek AvatarLiz Boczek

    These are the best group of people ever. Start with the front staff. Brie and Monte are amazing and welcoming people. They make coming in after a stressful day of work a delight. Next up Doctor Zach. The man knows what he is talking about. He will always make sure you are comfortable. He always takes the time to answer all questions you may have without making you feel like you have to be rushed. Angie, the women with the magic hands. She will work out whatever you... trust me I request my spots. I even try to request more time. I didn’t even know that you can get a massage covered under insurance, but sure enough the group here told me because they are all wonderful helpful enjoyable people. Will always come here for my chiropractic and massage needs!!!! 🙂 - 6/25/2019 

    SoGuessWhat AvatarSoGuessWhat

    Love them...they make your day better every visit... - 2/27/2019 

    Ronde Goa Toure AvatarRonde Goa Toure

    The east location is amazing! I received my first massage last night and today was the first day I awaken and didn’t have to get up in sections. The provider was on point for my plan of treatment he listened to what I had to say and I feel the best I have in years! I can actually dance again! The staff is very friendly and understanding and this office is very accommodating! - 12/06/2018 

    Chelsea Smith AvatarChelsea Smith

    Having to go to the chiropractor all the time as a 20 year old isn't the best, but I am really grateful for everyone at the East location! I'm a student at Capital U and started going to the chiropractor for the first time last year and the staff is so relational and really cares about my life. Every doctor remembers things about me and asks genuine questions with each visit and they really make me feel cared for both physically and emotionally. 🙂 - 10/16/2017 

    Greg Engelhart AvatarGreg Engelhart

    Best place in greater Columbus, Ohio to get a massage and a Chiropractic manipulation - 9/10/2017 

    Dax Madden AvatarDax Madden

    Dr Caldwell and his associates are excellent. Very nice staff with scheduling to work around your schedule. Very nice office. - 3/14/2017 

    Rebecca Lynn AvatarRebecca Lynn

    An amazing place! Feel so much more like myself then i have in months. Highly recommend the whole staff, true happiness - 11/11/2016 

    Brian Snow AvatarBrian Snow

    Everyone in the office has a genuine concern for making sure you get help. The friendly office staff that makes sure you clearly understand the treatments, insurance details and scheduling. They are very efficient at getting you in and out in a timely manner. The doctors are very friendly and knowledgeable in treating my back issues. And last but certainly not least the massage therapists, they really are the best! I loved my experience here for the past couple of months and there is no question where I will be going the next time I need help. Thank you all at IHC! - 4/18/2016 

    Shannon Elizabeth AvatarShannon Elizabeth

    Thank you to Dr. Wheeler and his awesome staff for getting me in ASAP and back on my feet after experiencing horrible back pain. Courteous staff and thorough treatment!! - 11/04/2015 

    Kate Edwards AvatarKate Edwards

    I broke my arm and received convenient, thoughtful, affordable care. - 10/03/2015 

  • Leslie Gegel AvatarLeslie Gegel

    I alway leave feeling so much better! Dr. Partee and Nickolas are great! - 2/14/2015 

    Brenda Manthey AvatarBrenda Manthey

    Wow the massage therapist knew exactly what my issues were without me telling her
    At one point I think I dozed off
    I will diffenantly be going back to see her again she has helped me so much I feel like a new person and my headache is gone - 12/11/2014 

    Kantrell Cantlope AvatarKantrell Cantlope

    Dr. Gorman in Toledo and his office people are amazing. Very personal and professional. I'm 37 yrs old and I've never been to a chiropractor, I've always heard bad things, my wife and I were in a car accident and we're both actually hurt. The best thing is we didn't get treated like a number, they ladies in the office are all really nice and knowledgeable. Dr . Gorman and his staff are all amazing I refer everyone to Inner Health Chiropractic. Check Em out, "They got your BACK!" 🙂 - 9/04/2014 

    Roxanne Cantlope AvatarRoxanne Cantlope

    I love this place! Everyone is extremely friendly and the staff is knowledgeable. It's rare to find a health care establishment that treats you like a person and not a number. I refer everyone I meet to Inner Health Chiropractic. Thanks so much to Dr. Gorman and his staff! You guys are rock stars! - 9/04/2014 

    Tiffany Niccole AvatarTiffany Niccole

    Dr Nick Robinson in German Village is the best!!!! - 3/26/2014