• Felix Felbeck Kofi Kwakye AvatarFelix Felbeck Kofi Kwakye

    They are very welcoming and the doctor takes time to explain everything to your understanding when treatment is going on. - 9/26/2023 

    Audrey fuqua AvatarAudrey fuqua

    They know what there doing here, I’ve been to many chiropractors for maintenance care and this place stands out. Perfect pricing and quality of care and the equipment and therapy’s used are available and easy to use - 9/25/2023 

    Brandy Hall AvatarBrandy Hall

    Nice people it was easy to get in doctor very nice as well not a long wait - 9/22/2023 

    Nekia Byrd AvatarNekia Byrd

    appointments always available. easy rescheduling process. doctor listens and acknowledges complaints of pain. been going here for years. - 9/10/2023 

    Gary harris AvatarGary harris

    The chiropractor was very informative very professional I'm happy to be under his care for these injuries - 9/08/2023 

    Hafeez Mohammed AvatarHafeez Mohammed

    Had an appoint with Dr Tyger, he's just amazing. Went to him with an emergency and came out with good relief in my back. He listens to you very patiently and answers all your questions. Highly recommended him. - 8/18/2023 

    Angel Deforrest AvatarAngel Deforrest

    Very friendly staff. Very compassionate. Clean facility with X-ray machine also. Great experience! - 8/04/2023 

    JRM 10 AvatarJRM 10

    Only been going for a few weeks and so far it's great! Staff and doctor are super friendly and the in and out time has been fantastic, not to mention I already feel some relief. - 8/04/2023 

    Leah Alexander AvatarLeah Alexander

    The massage therapist at the German Village location, Rachael, is magical. She deserves all the stars. She’s nice, she’s fun to talk to, but most importantly she is amazing at therapeutic massage. My muscles have never felt so good. I’ve been seeing her for years now and I used to think there were knots that would never relax in my neck but she has proven me wrong and now I can turn my neck again. The doctors are also great. They are friendly and great at adjustments. The front desk staff are polite and know what they’re doing. Highly recommend if you need a chiropractor or massage therapist! - 7/21/2023 

    Kristen Bainter AvatarKristen Bainter

    Best chiropractic experience I’ve ever had. Dr. Rockwood really cares about his patients and is friendly and easy to talk to. His staff is also very friendly and helpful. My back has been hurting for years and just after a few visits, I’m feeling so much better. You don’t feel like just a number here. Thank you Inner Health Chiropractic for standing out above the rest and truly caring about your patients. - 7/17/2023 

    Rascally One AvatarRascally One

    Very nice staff, although I've called 4 times to have chiropractor call Mr about my MRI results that he ordered and I have not received a call back in 2 weeks - 7/05/2023 

    L AvatarL

    Found this place, was hesitant but had to go and the best experience and caring help i have had, they truly care about you and the chiropractor is gentle and genuinely care about fixing your problems. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! i love yalls 😌💕 - 6/29/2023 

    Dave N AvatarDave N

    Best chiropractor in the area. Highly recommended - 6/20/2023 

    Yvette Fo AvatarYvette Fo

    Dr. Mark is the best! He is very patient, thorough and knows his work. Thank you to the entire staff for helping us through the treatment. - 6/20/2023 

    Razy Calis AvatarRazy Calis

    Dr Tiger Is Amazing!!!! He took his time to listen about my concern. Very Nice and Knowledgeable! And the Front Desk Is amazing too! She always has a beautiful smile on her every time I come in!! I would recommend this place! Staff is Awesome, Dr Tiger Is very excellent! And the place is clean and relaxing. - 6/16/2023 

    Christopher Knight AvatarChristopher Knight

    Doc is more than just a doc he treats gos patients with dignity and respect and always goes the extra mile to help someone. - 6/11/2023 

    Carmel Sundae AvatarCarmel Sundae

    I Loved the staff and Dr Partee was amazing!!!! - 6/03/2023 

    Nancy Carr AvatarNancy Carr

    The doctors at Inner Health on S. High really care for your health and you!!! All of your questions are quickly answered. The girls behind the front desk are super friendly and helpful. A shoutout is in order for them all!!!You guys are truly appreciated!!! Dr. Taylor is the absolute best doctor there. It is so very obvious that he really cares for his patients and helps them however he can. I have never had a bad experience there and have been going there for about 6 months. - 5/15/2023 

    katie sinclair Avatarkatie sinclair

    Inner Health has helped me live a more comfortable life. I have never felt pushed beyond what my body can handle. I always feel cared for. I highly recommend making an appointment ASAP - 5/05/2023 

    Mr Staples AvatarMr Staples

    Love these people here there are customer service friendly and they get you all the way right - 4/28/2023 

    Onjela Simmons AvatarOnjela Simmons

    I really love this staff! They deal with me always rescheduling due to my job. They are very kind and understanding. Most importantly I do see results. They are very patient with me and knowledgeable. - 4/28/2023 

  • Brian Do AvatarBrian Do

    Dr. Tyger is great! I’ve had back and neck issues for weeks and decided to seek help. I’m glad I found him & would recommend him to anyone. They were also upfront about costs so I didn’t feel like there were hidden fees. It didn’t feel like Dr. Tyger was trying to rush me out either. - 4/26/2023 

    Tony Patrick AvatarTony Patrick

    Doctor and receptionist were great and very helpful. They made me feel like family the way they took care of me. I'll definitely be back - 4/20/2023 

    Tyler E AvatarTyler E

    Helped me a lot after a car accident. I asked a lot of questions and a job where its difficult for me to keep appointments, they were great and super helpful every step of the way - 3/23/2023 

    Leah Alexander AvatarLeah Alexander

    The massage therapist at the German Village location, Rachael, is magical. She deserves all the stars. She’s nice, she’s fun to talk to, but most importantly she is amazing at therapeutic massage. My muscles have never felt so good. I’ve been seeing her for years now and I used to think there were knots that would never relax in my neck but she has proven me wrong and now I can turn my neck again. Dr. Taylor is also great. He is friendly and great at adjustments. The reason I didn’t give this 5 stars is because the front desk turnover is incredibly high. I go in every two weeks and it’s almost always someone new. It adds time to the whole check in process because they’re constantly training someone. Not sure why they can’t keep people but it is a little discerning. Otherwise, highly recommend. - 3/21/2023 

    Nicole “Lady Xtreme” Carter AvatarNicole “Lady Xtreme” Carter

    I have been going to Inner Health for over 2 months and I feel amazing!! The customer service from the staff is top notch!! The flexibility of scheduling helps so much since I have a special needs child to attend to. - 3/11/2023 

    Craig Leftwich AvatarCraig Leftwich

    The doctors and office personel are wonderful having a warm welcoming attitude.
    The atmosphere is very relaxing. My lower back pain is amazingly better. I highly recommend Inner Health Chiropractic. - 3/06/2023 

    donna garland Avatardonna garland

    The staff there are friendly and helpful. This is mine 2nd experience with them I like to be pills free and Inner Health they are really good their offices bed tools are clean massage etc..really help! - 3/06/2023 

    Wes Hall AvatarWes Hall

    Awesome 👍 geat facility very clean. The doctor and the woman up front are both A+ . **Update my back and neck are starting feel so much better after I was in a serious car accident the Doc has done wonders for my back and neck. this place is a must if you have back and neck problems this is where you need to be!!"" I'm so happy I found Inner health chiropractic. Me and my wife both are receiving treatment and she's doing so much better as well. 5 stars all the way!!! - 2/17/2023 

    Ryan Mayle AvatarRyan Mayle

    Came here after a car accident. Everyone was really kind and helpful when I had no idea what was going on. I'll be going back in the future for sure. - 2/10/2023 

    Meesha Sparrow AvatarMeesha Sparrow

    Dr. Taylor is incredible. Not only does he do great adjustments, he educates you and genuinely listens. When I have a particular issue, Dr. Taylor ensures to focus on the issue until it’s 100% better.
    I’ve been coming here for years and have had very good experiences with all doctors. Staff is always friendly. Highly recommend even if it’s self care maintenance. - 1/26/2023 

    Peter Sweat AvatarPeter Sweat

    Never felt better after more than 35 years of working Construction & Labor I felt a lot of pain & loss of motion . The abuse took it's toll on my body. I finally realized I needed to do something about it. I'm glad I did .
    Inner Health Chiropractic has helped me to
    Feel more able to work daily with free motion and less pain . Thanks IHC . - 1/25/2023 

    Ashley Brookins AvatarAshley Brookins

    Dr. Taylor is amazing. I came in with my back in spasms and he had me feeling 70% better in the first visit. The front staff are friendly, quick (didn't wait long at all) and super sweet. I'm taking my son next visit and am looking forward to knowing them. - 1/24/2023 

    Amanda Conkle AvatarAmanda Conkle

    Extremely impressed not only in the business but the more nicest and caring staff. I'm a very good judge of character, they were very genuine and not one bit of fake like I have seen from many MANY offices I've been to in the past. Would recommend anyone and everyone to at least come and try this place over ANY!!!! - 1/21/2023 

    butters the corn snake Avatarbutters the corn snake

    The staff is very welcoming and friendly. The doc is very good as well. Very professional attitude. Would recommend to anyone needing an adjustment, or post car accident work. This isn't my first go around with this office either. - 1/20/2023 

    Micaela Thomas AvatarMicaela Thomas

    Great service! Demi always makes me smile when I come in and I'm always treated with so much respect by ALL the staff. My needs are met, concerns are listened to and that adjustment.....whew!! Has me feeling like a brand new person everytime I leave! - 1/20/2023 

    A P AvatarA P

    My mom had a severe back injury after doing housework. We went to Urgent Care and stayed at the ER for hours. It was difficult for her to move, and she was struggling to walk. Dr. Tiger helped her through back adjustments and was very motivating and encouraging to her. He inspired her to get better and now she’s walking more than normal and is recovering very well. Thanks to his efforts, my mom loves walking a lot and exercising and is happy with her progress. We highly recommend Dr.Tiger for his excellent service, empathy, and dedication towards his patients! Truly a gem in the chiropractic field. - 1/14/2023 

    Wes Hall AvatarWes Hall

    Awesome 👍 geat facility very clean. The doctor and the woman up front are both A+ . Definitely recommend - 1/12/2023 

    Madison Lehrke AvatarMadison Lehrke

    I've been to my fair share of chiropractors on the west side of Columbus and this has by far been the best experience. After living in constant pain for 5 years due to scoliosis and rib joint dysfunction, this was the first chiropractor visit I walked out of feeling better after my first visit. The tens-unit beds are wonderful for getting your back muscles loosened and stretched after an adjustment, too.

    Highly recommend! - 1/06/2023 

    kim starr Avatarkim starr

    Dr. Tyger is wonderful! Very knowledgeable and understanding of the pain I experienced being hit by a car! I feel so much better! Definitely recommend him! - 11/29/2022 

    Jasmine Norah AvatarJasmine Norah

    I injured my back pretty badly back in August from lifting my mattress. It was extremely painful for me to lie down, turn, sit, stand, bend or even get myself dressed. After my first appointment, I already noticed a significant difference. Within the next two to three weeks, the pain was pretty much gone.

    Scheduling is easy and flexible, and my appointments are usually finished in less than 30 minutes. I’m very satisfied with the care I’ve received here. - 11/25/2022 

    John McDonald AvatarJohn McDonald

    I had a great experience here with Dr. Tyger. I felt like he took the time to really listen to me and understand what I’m going through with my back issues. He answered my questions and explained his process so I knew what to expect. I feel great and highly recommend him. - 11/21/2022 

  • Yohannes AvatarYohannes

    I had constant tingling running down my leg and the chiropractor did x Ray's and after a few weeks managed to provide great improvements. Thank you - 11/19/2022 

    Claire McPherson AvatarClaire McPherson

    I was so nervous about going to the chiropractor for the first time. Those nerves were completely calmed right away! You walk in and everyone treats you like their best friend! I’m horrible with names so I’m still learning everyone’s name, but the ladies at reception are wonderful. I was amazed when I heard they were still new, because they know every person that walks in so well. I feel bad I’m not on their level! I just love the “hi Claire, what’s up girl!”

    Dr. Milliron is not only great at what he does, but I also feel respected and cared for! I have been feeling the difference in my body since starting the adjustments! 20/10 would recommend, especially to the people who have never been adjusted and are scared! Thanks you guys! Tuesdays and Thursdays are my new fav days! - 11/18/2022 

    Chaz Nonya AvatarChaz Nonya

    Great care. Ex-Rays were done and adjustments were made. Competent, professional. I really liked this place.
    Edit: That was 3 years ago and they are just awesome. Personally I won't go anywhere else - 11/15/2022 

    Wina Saccoh AvatarWina Saccoh

    Amazing customer service. They truly care about getting you in the best shape possible. Flexible scheduling, clean office and great overall atmosphere - 10/29/2022 

    Jody Perry AvatarJody Perry

    I really like coming to Inner Health Chiropractic. My concern, and the reason for my 4 star rating instead of 5 stars is simply the turnover. I am on my third doctor there since September of 2021. The staff changes frequently, seem lost most of the time (because of the high turnover rate I am assuming it is simply because they are new. HOWEVER, the staff and doctors are pleasant and I receive an excellent adjustment which helps immensely. I would recommend, and have recommended them to family and friends with the information that the doctors and staff change regularly. - 10/19/2022 

    Natasha Winslow AvatarNatasha Winslow

    Before going to Inner Health I was having problems standing my whole shift at work. And tossing and turning trying to get comfortable enough to get some sleep. Now that I feel aligned, I've been sleeping better. The only thing sore are my feet after running around behind the bar all day. Thank you! - 10/15/2022 

    Muhyadin Artan AvatarMuhyadin Artan

    I feel bad for not writing a review for all these year. I have been going to this Chiropractic since 2018 and it is understatement to say that my quality of life has improved significantly since my first visit. I came with a lot of back neck and back pain. I was evaluated on my first visit and was a given treatment plan for both adjustments and massage therapy. I currently do message therapy once every three weeks and I occasionally get adjustments. I want to especially thank Rachel, the message therapist who has been wonderful to me and I have never been disappointed in her performance or professionalism. - 10/11/2022 

    Jean Pankowski AvatarJean Pankowski

    5 + stars for Inner Health ! From the Front desk to the massage therapist to the Doctors. I have been many places over the years but nothing compares to this team !! Dr. Taylor and Rachael are amazing and always take care of me , going above and beyond !Thank you and I am so glad I was referred there 😊 - 10/06/2022 

    Angel Richey AvatarAngel Richey

    From the moment you walk in the door you feel right at home. The staff is always amazing and nice. Dr. Taylor really made my treatment a breeze. I learned so much about how the body works and how so many things are connected that you wouldn’t even think. If you’re ever in need of a chiropractor, this is where you need to come. You’re not treated like just a number. You’re actually cared for! - 9/17/2022 

    Jennifer Towns AvatarJennifer Towns

    Feel amazing after leaving here. Can definitely tell when I haven't been in a couple days. Staff is AMAZING!!!! - 9/17/2022 

    kali anderson Avatarkali anderson

    I’ve had a wonderful experience here so far! Both doctors I have met are really nice and make you feel really comfortable. I was honestly really scared to start going and they have always made sure that they explain everything they’re doing step by step so it eases my nerves! Highly recommended!!! - 9/12/2022 

    Sabrina Blackstone AvatarSabrina Blackstone

    Friendly staff, Dr is knowledgeable and has a wonderful bedside manner. Highly recommend - 9/03/2022 

    Melissa Mitchell AvatarMelissa Mitchell

    I love everyone here! From the front desk, to the massages, to the adjustments; I always leave feeling better!!

    Thanks 😊 - 8/25/2022 

    Zach Brown AvatarZach Brown

    Since going to Inner Health Chiropractic, I have progressed on a scale of 0-100, from a 40 (starting) to now 90%. I am now down to seeing them once a month. I started out having to go once a week. Dr. Tyger and entire staff (Ben and Shelby) are great!!! - 8/22/2022 

    Alvin Love AvatarAlvin Love

    This place is very nice and doctors is professional,all stuff are very helpful - 8/19/2022 

    Andrew Coleman AvatarAndrew Coleman

    Call to first appointment within the same day. Down to earth and knowledgeable professionals are running this practice. Welcomed with a smile, 10 minutes of paperwork to be filled in and signed, then the doctor is right in to figure out your source, reason, and therapy for pain. - 8/17/2022 

    notforeverhere Avatarnotforeverhere

    This is a great Chiropractic place the doctor was gentle and effective, but I am mostly writing this review to thank Sarah, the massage therapist who is the best I have had in many years of trying different places and techniques, you are lovely and God sent, thank you so much 🙂 - 8/11/2022 

    Linda Mouery AvatarLinda Mouery

    Dr. Briggs at Innerhealth Chiropractic on S High St and the people who work in this office are terrific! This is the finest experience that I've had with Chiropractors! - 8/10/2022 

    Marthinez Oneh AvatarMarthinez Oneh

    I am really grateful for the treatment I have received! It feels like one with the family! - 8/08/2022 

    Hannah Beil AvatarHannah Beil

    Dr. Tyger is very knowledgeable and skilled! I appreciated that he created a treatment plan with things for me to do in between sessions, and that his ultimate goal is to get me feeling great and out of the office when I'm back to moving how I should be. I would highly recommend this practice! Both Dr Tyger and Shelby are helpful and friendly. - 7/27/2022 

    Carolyn Doodle AvatarCarolyn Doodle

    The E Broad St location’s staff is FANTASTIC! What a great group of people, from the doctor to the front desk workers. Felt like one big happy family every visit.

    I would recommend them to any one of my friends or family members.

    I’ll be back! - 7/25/2022 

  • Maria Espejel AvatarMaria Espejel

    Had treatments for a little over a month. Felt welcomed coming in every time and treatments were great. - 7/12/2022 

    Devin DeFelice AvatarDevin DeFelice

    Always a pleasent visit. Everyone there seems to actually care about you and it makes you feel good. Not Only a great doctor who has helped me get back going but great receptionist who are always so cheerful and nice - 7/06/2022 

    Kaiko AvatarKaiko

    5 stars all day. From the minute you walk in till you walk out the door. The ladies up front are super friendly and the doctors are absolutely amazing. I would definitely recommend Inner Health on High st. - 7/04/2022 

    Darlene Hackworth AvatarDarlene Hackworth

    Dr Gage is a great chiropractor! Highly recommend! - 6/29/2022 

    sharelle stubbs Avatarsharelle stubbs

    The front desk is AMAZING. Ruseanna and Kendrea make sure you feel like family and always greet you with a smile on their faces. Dr. Million is so nice, kind and patient with your concerns and questions. I had never been in a car accident before and was very overwhelmed with this process and this staff made me feel like family. I am sad that my treatment is over. - 6/21/2022 

    Joe Richardson AvatarJoe Richardson

    They were very helpful in getting me back to normal. The staff is very friendly made sure you had a great experience while getting healed. - 6/21/2022 

    Carlie Santana AvatarCarlie Santana

    Really Great place, Highly recommend. Staff is so nice and really make you feel welcome, and they do a great job. Place is also super clean and very professional. - 6/13/2022 

    Alan Baldridge AvatarAlan Baldridge

    I love the place I started going here last week after I got into an accident the staff and Dr are all 4 so amazing thank you all for truly caring - 6/06/2022 

    Jeremy Rok AvatarJeremy Rok

    Great place to get back in alignment. Customer friendly and quality service. 5 stars. Dr. Gage and Dakota are funny as can be. - 6/01/2022 

    Mark Andre Sikorski AvatarMark Andre Sikorski

    I recommend IHC because of their phenomenal healing experience. I received service for realignment on spine, hips, neck and entire back. A dedicated and pleasant staff experience!! Overall, a very effective professional therapeutic space! #spine #nerves #posture #work-relief #holistic-health #bodywork #mind-body #medical-professional #first-responders #communitycare #healing #therapy #realigned #hips #neck #somatic - 5/02/2022 

    Brenda C. Sherrell AvatarBrenda C. Sherrell

    Very friendly, organized and has a good clientele. Centrally located! I am seeing improvement. Give them a try. - 4/28/2022 

    Tracy Pennell AvatarTracy Pennell

    I was going to a different chiropractor, and my pain was getting worse. I decided to make a change. Best decision in my life! I have had no pain within a week. I was amazed on how nice the staff was and the massage therapist awesome. Give this place a try, you won’t regret it. - 4/28/2022 

    Mark Swenson AvatarMark Swenson

    Great practice that is fully intrgrated in VA Community Care - 4/27/2022 

    Anna Schumacher AvatarAnna Schumacher

    I can’t say enough good about this place! The people are amazing and the care is quality. Have been going here for a couple years and it’s always been a great experience, and I’m seen every two weeks. - 4/12/2022 

    Britney Dunaway AvatarBritney Dunaway

    This place is AMAZING everyone is so nice and welcome and I always feel so much better once I leave ... - 4/12/2022 

    Michael Ritchie AvatarMichael Ritchie

    Very friendly staff. I've only had a few visits so far, but my lower back has never felt so good. Highly recommended Inner Health Chiropractic. - 4/09/2022 

    Tyler Folds AvatarTyler Folds

    I had a great experience here. Walked in with neck and back pain, walked out with physical relief but also mental reassurance knowing that I would be taken care of moving forward. Dr. Tyger is gentle, understanding, and empathetic. I also appreciate Shelby at the front desk who has such a positive and helpful attitude. Medical settings bring me a little bit anxiety, but I felt comfortable at this location. - 4/07/2022 

    MAMAR 001 AvatarMAMAR 001

    Exemplary Work on getting my back and shoulder together, professional and will communicate with u. - 4/04/2022 

    Douglas Church AvatarDouglas Church

    Inner health Chiropractor is amazing. They listen to the problem and understand what needs to be done to make you feel great again. Need a Chiropractor? Call Innerhealth. You will not be disappointed. - 3/28/2022 

    Shally Rob AvatarShally Rob

    I’ve been going to this chiropractor for about 3 years now! and i love it ! The docs take there time to make sure all kinks and knots are fixed and i feel like family they know me when i walk in! I am now pregnant and still go my whole pregnancy and they give a lot of pregnancy related relief!
    will always recommend inner health! - 3/07/2022 

    Zach Brown AvatarZach Brown

    Since going to Inner Health Chiropractic, I have progressed on a scale of 0-100, from a 40 (started) to now 80-90% better. Natasha does an excellent job with my massage, followed by my adjustments done by Dr. Rockwood or Dr. Tyger. All who are GREAT at what they do!!! I am now down to seeing them once a month. I started out having to go once a week. Entire staff is great also (Ben/Shelby)! - 3/04/2022 

  • TaShayla Cromwell AvatarTaShayla Cromwell

    Great experience . Everyone is so friendly , and your not treated like a number. I would definitely recommend to anyone! - 2/23/2022 

    johnny rutherford Avatarjohnny rutherford

    Great place great people I can't say enough about them - 2/22/2022 

    Andrew Christ AvatarAndrew Christ

    What a great facility this is. Everyone made me feel welcome, and the X-rays were so helpful for me to see areas of concern in my spine as it is currently. So glad Dr. Stoffer recommended specific yoga postures and repetitions for me to improve my posture. Hopefully I can make some progress before the next time I go back there. - 2/21/2022 

    Gloria Scott Tibbs AvatarGloria Scott Tibbs

    I have received therapeutic massages from Rachel every 2-3 weeks for several years, at Inner Health. She has done wonders on my IT band and my neck/shoulders. The staff is friendly and professional. I have never had a bad experience there. I highly recommend them. - 2/20/2022 

    jeana johnson Avatarjeana johnson

    I love the people that work here. Everyone cares about your health, answers any questions you have and is an overall a family feeling experience. 10/10 recommend! - 2/17/2022 

    Maryam A AvatarMaryam A

    Amazing customer service, professional and excellent care giver. Highly recommended A+ - 2/14/2022 

    Kate Kennsley AvatarKate Kennsley

    Best place ever � they are the kindest people you will ever meet they treat you like family. 10/10 highly recommend them � - 2/02/2022 

    Brooklin Carruthers AvatarBrooklin Carruthers

    Omg this place is the best, the 2 ladies at the front they are so beautiful they are always smiling , happy and they care about their patients. The always ask you how you feeling. And the Doctor is amazing the whole staff is great I love this place and would highly recommend anyone here they treat you just like family - 1/27/2022 

    mahogany pierce Avatarmahogany pierce

    His was my first time ever going to a chiropractor. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and I had fell outside my apartment building due to negligence of the property management not sending out someone to shovel and salt the ground after it snowed. I was in alot of aching pain. I was referred by my insurance to inner health they got me a couple hours after I called in the same day. I feel so much better than how I went in, they were so caring and helpful to me. I appreciate their service and timing! - 1/20/2022 

    Christopher Comerford AvatarChristopher Comerford

    People who care about your well-being... Love the receptionists, so silly and fun! Love the Doc! Can't forget that... 😆 - 1/17/2022 

    dona maturo Avatardona maturo

    Highly recommend!! Everyone is so AMAZING!! They all helped so much in my recovery ♥. - 12/19/2021 

    Aseh Tebeck AvatarAseh Tebeck

    Inna health Chiropractic is Awesome. the doctor is so cool with his patients, he listened to my issues and took time to explain the treatment process. I will recommend this place to any of my friends and family. - 12/14/2021 

    Sharese Taylor AvatarSharese Taylor

    when I first came into the inner health chiropractors office, I was very nervous and did not what to expect. However the doctor there was very empathic to my needs and assured me that everything was going to okay. he spoke to me with patience and concern as to with my pain and suffering and his staff was out of this world with their accommodations and hospitality. I would highly recommend this office if you are in pain and you need persons that are willing to adhere to you as an individual. - 12/13/2021 

    Jessica Bennett AvatarJessica Bennett

    I've NEVER given a google review before but this place absolutely deserves some praise. The staff here are amazing. There has never been a time when I didn't feel welcome the moment I walk through the door to the moment I walk out. They seem passionate about what they're doing. Very caring and he gives useful advice to maintain/improve the clients well being outside of his office. I feel lucky to have found this facility! - 11/12/2021 

    Janai Scott AvatarJanai Scott

    Staff is relatively nice and prompt. I like the gentleman that I've been assigned to. I just wish they had some kind of patient portal. Having to rely on a text message to remind or confirm appointment is not my norm. Bonus they work with pregnant women and children. - 11/11/2021 

    MARK H AvatarMARK H

    I’ve been to a few other chiropractors over the years and by far Dr. Rockwood and staff are the best. He genuinely cares about your health and you getting better. I’m looking forward to the future and being pain free! - 10/28/2021 

    Anthony Sponseller AvatarAnthony Sponseller

    After 3 visits I would highly recommend coming here! It’s a very clean and relaxing interior and everyone working there is very polite and friendly. He explained everything in detail going over the X-Rays, the pain I was feeling, and the adjustments he was doing to me. I feel much more relaxed and less tense after 3 visits and I will definitely keep coming back! - 10/22/2021 

    joe vanblarcume Avatarjoe vanblarcume

    This place is awesome. I highly suggest it ,if you have migraine, tight neck ,shoulders, back. Give them a try. - 10/18/2021 

    Jim Hull AvatarJim Hull

    Natasha is just so skilled in making custom massage therapy treatments! With all that I do, I am able to communicate the situation for Natasha to create a customized and comprehensive massage treatment. I rely on this as one part, a very important part, of my health. Thank you so much! - 10/15/2021 

    Alexander Buchner AvatarAlexander Buchner

    I've been dealing with lower back pain for years. Doctors have always just given me pain pills and muscle relaxers. I finally decided to try a chiropractor and I am so profoundly lucky to have found Inner Health and specifically Dr. Rockwood. He is a magical person with amazing bedside manner and his adjustments are heavenly! I look forward to the day that I am pain free but I'll be sad because it means I wont get to see the doc and his staff on such a delightfully regular basis! - 10/02/2021 

    Justin Reed AvatarJustin Reed

    The entire office staff is great. I’m almost sad to be going only once a month now! They’ll make you feel welcome and Dr Milliron takes his time with each patient and makes sure they’re comfortable with treatment and understand everything. - 9/30/2021 

  • August AvatarAugust

    SUPER NICE PLACE, Beautiful staff❣️Very,kind and caring.I would recommend this place to the WORLD esp my family and friends😊Thank U for caring for me❣️If I ever need care in the future... I'm In😊 - 9/23/2021 

    Jamila Juzer AvatarJamila Juzer

    I have been going to the Dublin office for a couple months now and I love going here! They are quick to take care of you, very friendly, and patient people. They listen to your concerns and help anyway they can. I’ve been going to various chiropractors regularly and irregularly for over 10+yrs and this is easily the BEST office/chiropractors I’ve been to. I started with going once every month (due to past experiences with scheduling and such at other offices) but they make it super easy to fit your availability to their schedule and weekly and biweekly appointments are very doable! Would recommend! - 9/18/2021 

    Nick Padilla AvatarNick Padilla

    Doesn’t matter who you see at Inner Health, they all work magic!! Dr House does a great job of picking his staff! - 9/16/2021 

    brandon carlton Avatarbrandon carlton

    It's just a awesome place to go - 9/15/2021 

    Ashley Meade AvatarAshley Meade

    been a few years since I have been there but they were wonderful and the price was very reasonable for an adjustment. they can even negotiate with you if you don't have enough money or work out a payment plan. - 9/08/2021 

    Tammy Slaughter AvatarTammy Slaughter

    The doctor and the staff is great. Went in with very bad back pain and after a few visits, my paid was gone.. - 9/07/2021 

    Bria Gates AvatarBria Gates

    Amazing staff and Doctor works wonders love them ! - 9/04/2021 

    Matt Bemtley AvatarMatt Bemtley

    I went to see Dr.Stoffer for lower back pain and I wish I had gone to see him sooner. He is awesome at what he does he is very professional and personal with his patients.
    Between himself and his awesome staff I am not sure how I would be doing without them. I pretty much make my own schedule and show up and they all come together and treat me like I am part of their family. Thank you all for what you do. I would recommend any of my friends or family to go see them.Tell them I said Hello.

    Matt Bentley - 9/01/2021 

    Matt Bentley AvatarMatt Bentley

    I went to see Dr.Stoffer for lower back pain and I wish I had gone to see him sooner. He is awesome at what he does he is very professional and personal with his patients.
    Between himself and his awesome staff I am not sure how I would be doing without them. I pretty much make my own schedule and show up and they all come together and treat me like I am part of their family. Thank you all for what you do. I would recommend any of my friends or family to go see them.Tell them I said Hello.

    Matt Bentley - 9/01/2021 

    Naima Rahman AvatarNaima Rahman

    Inner Health Chiropractic has continually helped me improve after my work-related back injury. The staff, and doctors here are very nice and welcoming. I worked with Dr. Atkinson first and Dr. Rockwood now, and both are great at what they do and are able to improve movement and lessen pain by pinpointing the correct areas. I also have received massage therapy from several of the staff members and they are all great. I recommend this location to anyone as they hear you out and work with you on your needs. - 8/26/2021 

    Semaj Bowens AvatarSemaj Bowens

    Great staff. They make sure you are comfortable and take their time to ensure your treated right... - 8/25/2021 

    Varun Palaniswamy AvatarVarun Palaniswamy

    This was my first time going to Chiropractic. I loved how they responded. I did had to go their for multiple sessions. Never had any conflict with schedule or with the sessions. They always been very flexible. Definitely recommend this place. - 8/24/2021 


    I was on my business trip to Columbus for 2 weeks or more when I got my back badly hurt while being the gym. It was quite painful but got my treatment here and in few sessions up n going. Great responsible team who helped me in the time of real need. special thanks to Dr Zachary Stoller - 8/24/2021 

    Karu Leonnese AvatarKaru Leonnese

    Everyone here is so nice and helpful, both chiropractor and desk staff. They really helped when i was basically doubled over in sciatica pain, but after a few visits, i saw improvement each time. Can't thank them enough! - 8/23/2021 

    Karu Morris AvatarKaru Morris

    Everyone here is so nice and helpful, both chiropractor and desk staff. They really helped when i was basically doubled over in sciatica pain, but after a few visits, i saw improvement each time. Can't thank them enough! - 8/23/2021 

    Jordan Floyd AvatarJordan Floyd

    Olivia is such a wonderful individual to see when I come in every time. The doctor is fantastic. I wouldn't trust anyone more! - 8/23/2021 

    Brandy Bae AvatarBrandy Bae

    The Dublin Granville Rd location has really nice and informative staff! They text and email you reminders. And there is never long waits or crowded parking! They take their time with you and make you feel comfortable! I have gone here for three years and I haven’t had any complaints! - 8/23/2021 

    Laura Davis AvatarLaura Davis

    The massage therapist was amazing. This was the best massage experience I have ever had!! - 8/18/2021 

    Mellissa Corry AvatarMellissa Corry

    I love this place they always make time for my crazy schedule and everyone is super friendly - 8/18/2021 

    Robert Book AvatarRobert Book

    This doctor and his team have been treating me for whiplash and a pelvis injury after a car accident. Without this team I probably would not be able to continue with my job nor would I be healing as fast as I’ve been I recommend these guys to everyone for either chiropractic care or massage therapy they will take care of your needs better than almost anyone in the city - 8/16/2021 

    Skylar Lewis AvatarSkylar Lewis

    I've only been going to see this chiropractor for a short time but so far so good! The staff and the doctors are very professional fast & friendly! Following the treatment plan that the doctor set up for me is really going to help me in the future I have a feeling. Thank you and her health chiropractic for being so professional and caring about your patients! - 8/10/2021 

  • MyCarbon Empress AvatarMyCarbon Empress

    Awesome adjustments abs great doctors. I’ll have to check Doctor Taylor because he has been different towards me recently but it doesn’t take away from their 5 star service and aide. Gage is awesome and gentle and relaxed for those whose want a more gentle adjusting. Taylor plays no games and gets the kinks out as quick as he can say wiggle your toes. Tiger is new and amazing! He is a mixture of Taylor and Gage, so maybe he’s the BEST or my favorite (idk). The receptionist are always kind and friendly. These ladies set my appointments and get me signed in with smiles on their faces, thanks Candace and Keyana. The fellow that called me and set my appointment with the office was very helpful and caring, thanks Marlon. Elizabeth and Aaliyah, you’re greatly appreciated also. I love you all and appreciate you all serving our needs so effectively and efficient. I feel so much better after each visit. Now I never wanna leave!

    Thanks Inner Health, German Village - 8/08/2021 

    Princess Lathan AvatarPrincess Lathan

    Best chiropractor practice in Columbus! The staff and services are amazing. the facility is super clean. I highly recommend going. - 8/03/2021 

    Shinelle Vergil Ruben AvatarShinelle Vergil Ruben

    The staff is very friendly and courteous and very punctual with your appointment time. The doctor is so pleasant and friendly to work with. I would definitely give this establishment 5 stars ⭐️ - 7/26/2021 

    Tracy AvatarTracy

    The office staff is awesome. They greet me with a smile every visit. Not one but all staff help each other to help me. This is rare. The chiropractor did not make me feel like I had more questions to be answered he was very informative. What's very important to me is I felt comfortable.

    Thank you Inner Health Chiropractic for all that you do continue on with your greatness.

    ❤️ - 7/16/2021 

    Majida Shariff AvatarMajida Shariff

    Best chiropractor practice in Columbus! The staff and service are exceptional! Especially Shauna, with her grace, warmth and professionalism! Plus the facility is super clean and comfortable!

    Many thanks! 😊 - 7/16/2021 

    rob book Avatarrob book

    The chiropractor at this office is currently treating me for whiplash from my spine neck and pelvis. Without these guys helping almost every day I probably would not be able to get back to work at all. I recommend them to everyone I meet - 7/15/2021 

    Abby Huffman AvatarAbby Huffman

    I recently moved to a different part of Columbus, so I transferred to this location from the German Village Inner Health Chiropractic location. The whole transfer process was so smooth, and they got me in very fast! The receptionists I spoke to were very kind and helpful. I think the chiropractors at this location are friendly, nice, professional, and great at adjustments - especially neck adjustments! I do prefer this location over the German Village one because it has much more parking. If you’re looking for a place that will take excellent care of you - this is the place 🙂 - 7/14/2021 

    Christopher Baggs AvatarChristopher Baggs

    Inner Health staff do a great job, scheduling is very flexible, no pun intended 😉 I work as a videographer at a local tv station and carry heavy gear every day and started getting severe back pain. After one visit, I started feeling so much better. Now I’m on an every two week schedule just to keep my back from falling back into pain. Everyone at Inner Health Chiropractor Dublin is the best! Very convenient too. - 7/12/2021 

    Rita Distelhorst AvatarRita Distelhorst

    The treatment I've received has been excellent. I feel so much better. My running and golf game have improved. - 7/06/2021 

    Renita Adams AvatarRenita Adams

    I've been going to the S. High St. location for years and I've never been dissatisfied! Rachel the massage therapist is outstanding! Thank you all for being so helpful and having such beautiful spirits! - 6/28/2021 

    Rasheda AvatarRasheda

    The Staff is very professional annd welcoming. The doctor is vrry knowledgable about the spine and muscles. Go here if you need help. - 6/25/2021 

    Erik Yelverton AvatarErik Yelverton

    Legit professional and straight to the point no bs'ing around. Very nice people as well. - 6/24/2021 

    Jessica Perry AvatarJessica Perry

    Very professional staff and knowledgeable/informative chiropractor. I'm a new patient and i can already say this is where i choose to go. - 6/24/2021 

    Kitty Ellis AvatarKitty Ellis

    I love this place. My gal, Rachael, is an outstanding massage therapist. Hands from heaven. Thank you for all you do for me. - 6/17/2021 

    Mark Trinoskey AvatarMark Trinoskey

    I love this place!
    The office staff, Mollie and Natalie make me feel so welcome. They are real pros getting me through fast and handling insurance flawlessly!
    Dr. Stouffer (spelling ?) is the best chiropractor I’ve ever had. He is very intuitive and helps me stay healthy and feeling great! - 6/15/2021 

    Nate Ansel T. AvatarNate Ansel T.

    I love coming here. Other chiropractors always try to sell me things. Not here. Always good conversations with Dr. Mill-...(not sure how to spell his name sorry) - 6/10/2021 

    Nikki Ashley AvatarNikki Ashley

    The office is clean and never crowded. The staff is friendly and very flexible when working with your schedule. The doctor makes you feel comfortable and is excellent at setting a comprehensive treatment plan. My husband and I are so happy we decided to come here! - 6/08/2021 

    marci stromack Avatarmarci stromack

    Started seeing Dr Rockwood for neck and back pain from whiplash in car accident. He was so thorough and had a treatment plan quickly.
    Dr Rockwood, Olivia & Pam are all so nice, and all seem to truly care about their patients.
    I’m so happy to have found a great chiropractor and staff that want to help me recover.
    Thank you,
    Marci - 6/04/2021 

    Michele Lucas AvatarMichele Lucas

    Professional, friendly staff. In and out efficiently. They really know their stuff. So glad I found them. - 5/26/2021 

    Angela Walsh AvatarAngela Walsh

    Inner Health Chiropractic is absolutely amazing! Their staff is beyond friendly, and the treatment I’ve received has been life changing! They got right to the source of my back issues and treated it properly. I went from having to see a chiropractor 3 times a week, to once a month! My chronic pain is gone and I have more mobility than ever! I HIGHLY recommend Inner Health to anyone looking for long lasting results! - 5/20/2021 

    Stephanie Rooker AvatarStephanie Rooker

    They have been great! Everybody that works there is pleasant and very helpful. - 5/11/2021 

  • Elke Ruffin AvatarElke Ruffin

    Rachel does a great job. I love how she is paying attention to my needs. I go every month. - 5/10/2021 

    JorDann Sherred AvatarJorDann Sherred

    This will be my second time seeking treatment from inner health chiropractic, about two years apart, same receptionist who’s always very friendly and a new doctor who seems to be just great as my last doctor. Looking forward towards my recovery! - 4/24/2021 

    Jennifer Steingass AvatarJennifer Steingass

    Highly recommend!! I feel fantastic every time I leave! - 4/22/2021 

    Roy Harcourt AvatarRoy Harcourt

    Inner Health Chiropractic has always been easy to do business with. They take care of billing my insurance and letting me know what my copay is at the time of every visit. The doctors and massage therapists are awesome! Highly recommend!! - 4/21/2021 

    Darling Mclean AvatarDarling Mclean

    i highly recommend they really care to help you - 4/21/2021 

    Lee AvatarLee

    I am quite pleased with the new treatment center I am currently visiting. There’s two ladies who are absolutely great with what they do! As well as the doctor himself they bring light to my day they are so nice and understanding and let me not forget to say how quick they are with their service! I would genuinely recommend any of my family or friends etc. to this location they have it best ❤️ - 4/20/2021 

    Brittany Phillips AvatarBrittany Phillips

    They are always super nice and welcoming! Scheduling is flexible and easy to make appointments. Regular visits have helped my shoulders, neck, and back feel much better! - 4/16/2021 

    Stephanie Sanzo AvatarStephanie Sanzo

    Went to Inner Health after being in the hospital for what was suspected as kidney stones. Left hospital in just as much pain as when I went in. Thought maybe I had a pinched abdominal nerve. Never had I been to a chiropractor and, to be honest, was quite skeptical. After my first adjustment, my abdominal pain was like night and day! I’m sold! Thanks IHC for being so helpful and understanding, as well as alleviating my pain!! Recommend 100%! - 4/16/2021 

    Sarah Seither AvatarSarah Seither

    I’ve visited this office for a few years now and every employee and doctor there has been friendly, welcoming and helpful. I appreciate their early Friday appointments so I can come in around my work schedule. I really enjoy this office. - 4/16/2021 

    Michael Caldwell AvatarMichael Caldwell

    A little above shopping service. The employees are very considerate as far as what I experienced. The pharmacy staff is very friendly. Just got my 2nd vivid vaccine shot there. I was able to get my 1st on vacine they had extra that day. They took my name earlier in the day and told me they would call me if there was extra that day and got to go straight in. You have to do it each day to get added on the days list. I would encourage anyone to please get theirs there. - 4/15/2021 

    Jennifer AvatarJennifer

    Absolutely love Rachel and Dr Taylor they are amazing at what they do! I would not be where I am today without them! 😀😀😀😀😀😀 - 4/15/2021 

    Kitty Ellis AvatarKitty Ellis

    I simply love coming here. My massage therapist is the BEST. - 4/14/2021 

    Carolina Hernandez AvatarCarolina Hernandez

    Great with helping with my lower back problems. Everyone is very nice. I recommend - 4/13/2021 

    JoAn McLean AvatarJoAn McLean

    Inner health - German village are very professional and very good. I would recommend anyone to their business!!! - 4/09/2021 

    Richard Aldrich AvatarRichard Aldrich

    Great experience. They were very friendly and able to adjust me on the first visit. The massage table after the adjustment was nice too. - 3/31/2021 

    Morrene Hauser AvatarMorrene Hauser

    I highly recommend Inner Health Chiropractic. Friendly staff. Dr. Atkinson is caring and very professional. - 3/27/2021 

    Cherno Biko AvatarCherno Biko

    Bree is awesome she'll get you scheduled to get you in get your paperwork done and make you feel like your old friends not to mention she has the best playlist in the world - 3/26/2021 

    Jjr Succeed AvatarJjr Succeed

    Dr. Mark and his assistant/ receptionist is the best!!! Always friendly and very knowledgeable! They explain everything so that you can understand. I’m in and out with my service and the office is very clean. I love how the assistant told me what my benefits cover and was even able to accommodate my work schedule. Love love love this place! They are the best! - 3/25/2021 

    Bobbi Jo Carson Collins AvatarBobbi Jo Carson Collins

    I was in a car accident in November. I called Inner Health on East Broad and they got me in 2 days later after my call. They are very knowledgeable and friendly. Dr. Milliron helped me over a 4 month period get to feeling better. The office staff is amazing and I enjoyed going in b/c they are friendly, funny and caring. You feel like a person in there and not a number. I would recommend them to anyone looking to feel better from an accident or just needing an adjustment.
    Thanks for all you did for me!

    -Bobbi Jo - 3/22/2021 

    Michael Lopez AvatarMichael Lopez

    Great clinic excellent helpful and friendly staff !! Great bedside manner and professionalism with terrific knowledge and communication with the Doc ! - 3/17/2021 

    Michael J. Lopez AvatarMichael J. Lopez

    Great clinic had a terrific adjustment and all the staff is super friendly !! - 3/17/2021 

  • MARK H AvatarMARK H

    Such a friendly and professional staff. From the first appointment I could tell this place was much different than other chiropractors I have visited. The doctors on staff really care about each persons needs and genuinely want you to feel better. I highly recommend! - 3/15/2021 

    Marika Brown AvatarMarika Brown

    My son and I have had a very good experience with Inner Health Chiropractic. They are very professional kind and sympathetic to our situation. I would recommend Inner Health Chiropractic to anyone who is in need of a chiropractor. - 3/04/2021 

    Zack Farmer AvatarZack Farmer

    Every time Dr. Stoffer adjusts me, I feel 10 years younger. He is hands down the best chiropractor I have been to and I've been going to chiropractors for over 30 years. You can trust him to diagnose and get to the root of your complaint. Ask for Dr. Stoffer the next time you go to Inner Health! - 3/02/2021 

    Ian S AvatarIan S

    Dr. Stoffer is incredibly insightful in how he explained what was causing my pain to me and his treatment got me back to normal in no time! Thanks doc! - 3/02/2021 

    Kevin McBride AvatarKevin McBride

    Excellent quality of care. This was my first chiropractic experience. Dr. Caitlin Atkinson does a great job of going over treatment options. Excellent job of explaining the process during the adjustment, helped me get comfortable with the process quickly. - 3/02/2021 

    Nelta Harrow AvatarNelta Harrow

    The Doctor who is treating me found my problem, when 3 other doctors could not. He showed x-rays and explained what was going on. The first time he worked on me I felt relief, and now I'm almost 100% and ready to go back to work. His staff is awesome, this office has really helped. - 3/01/2021 

    thomas todd Avatarthomas todd

    The doc is amazing, staff is awesome too!!!!! - 2/26/2021 

    Leca Monet AvatarLeca Monet

    Great customer service I recommend this place they’re the best ❤️ - 2/25/2021 

    Lee AvatarLee

    Great customer service I recommend this place they’re the best ❤️ - 2/25/2021 

    Charles White AvatarCharles White

    Great staff, friendly knowledgeable chiropractors. - 2/25/2021 

    Madeline Mendez AvatarMadeline Mendez

    Friendly staff . Loved the massage Carmen gave to me this woman has the hands of an angel. - 2/23/2021 

    Monika Kaur AvatarMonika Kaur

    Dr. Kate is THE best chiropractor ever. The office staff is very friendly and accommodating with last minute appointments. I’m so glad I found them! Definitely recommend!!!! - 2/22/2021 

    OHerron Sue AvatarOHerron Sue

    They listen too you and service is great, they get you in right away, and have flexible schedules. Bree is the receptionist and more! She covers several positions and still remains friendly and very courteous. - 2/20/2021 

    Vanessa Vititoe AvatarVanessa Vititoe

    Super nice staff! Very accommodating. - 2/17/2021 

    Micaella Bruton AvatarMicaella Bruton

    They were able to get me in same day, called me an Uber because my car wasn’t able to be driven (car accident) and also sent me home with an awesome support pillow, hot/cold pack, and some roll on pain reliever. Everyone was so friendly from start to finish and they’ve been just as amazing every visit since! - 2/08/2021 

    Joanna Renner AvatarJoanna Renner

    My husband and I had such a wonderful experience at Inner Health Chiropractic!! We got an appointment right away, and the staff is extremely kind. They made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions! We will definitely be back! Thanks Dr. Bone! - 2/03/2021 

    Joanna Oyewale AvatarJoanna Oyewale

    My husband and I had such a wonderful experience at Inner Health Chiropractic!! We got an appointment right away, and the staff is extremely kind. They made us feel comfortable and answered all of our questions! We will definitely be back! Thanks Dr. Bone! - 2/03/2021 

    marisol hernandez Avatarmarisol hernandez

    Love it here good service🤗💜 - 2/01/2021 

    Melani M AvatarMelani M

    Oh I love this place! They have helped me so much! Gentle easy adjustments and Massage. I have never before experienced a full massage as part of chiropractic care but I am certainly in love with it now! I think its been 4 months of amazing relief for me! - 1/24/2021 

    TJ “TJ” Roach-Wade AvatarTJ “TJ” Roach-Wade

    Staff is very friendly. Took me a minute to warm up. I wasn't given clear instructions on my first visit on where to wait, stand, or sit. I'm a regular and now know. - 1/21/2021 

    Dee DiPiero AvatarDee DiPiero

    I have been going to Inner Health Chiropractic’s for about 4 years. I initially went because I had 24/7 back pain which an MD with an MRI could not diagnose- the chiropractor fixed my back with minimal adjustments snd gave me a diagnosis. Since then I have been extremely satisfied with the chiropractor, the massage therapist and the office staff. It is a very comfortable office and despite COVID- I feel safe. I highly recommend them! - 1/21/2021 

  • Martin Orvets AvatarMartin Orvets

    Dr Atkinson has been wonderful to work with and has a very genuine personality which spills over to the staff and makes a visit there very pleasant. Massage therapist is also top notch. Best Chiropractic practice in Columbus Ohio - 1/18/2021 

    Katherine Appl AvatarKatherine Appl

    Dr. Caitlin Atkinson has been incredible to work with. Extremely personable, cares about connecting with you every step of the way and teaching you why/how your body is injured and the steps to better health. She is a true teacher at heart. I have seen faster results in two weeks then months of working with others. I highly recommend Dr. Atkinson and the team at Inner Health. - 1/17/2021 

    Maria Alexis AvatarMaria Alexis

    I love the chiropractor here. He knows what he is doing and I feel safe in allowing him to help my son with autism recover from a recent car accident. Everyone there is also caring and very nice. - 1/12/2021 

    Flanagan Janet AvatarFlanagan Janet

    Very good service. Highly recommended - 1/04/2021 

    Ricky AvatarRicky

    I absolutely love going here. I had a pretty bad accident/injury almost a year ago. After more than 9 months of dealing with lower back and ankle pain, I was referred to see, Dr. Taylor. Within a couple of months I am back to feeling almost pre-accident condition. What an amazing difference they have made in helping me feel better. I look forward to our future appointments. - 1/03/2021 

    John Dixon AvatarJohn Dixon

    Great staff, on time service. Very knowledgeable. - 12/28/2020 

    Wendy Brown AvatarWendy Brown

    This was my first time in seeing a chiropractor!! They were very friendly, explained everything step by step and very clean facility!!. Excellent customer service!! - 12/27/2020 

    Sheryl Howell-douglass AvatarSheryl Howell-douglass

    This is Awesome place, with amazing staff to meet all your needs. been coming here for long time...Blessings..Merry Christmas - 12/24/2020 

    Mandy Fox AvatarMandy Fox

    The entire staff cares about making this a friendly feeling place. I came here as I was having horrible back pain which made daily life difficult. After coming here a couple weeks I am feeling so much better. I am learning a lot from the Doctors about body movement and appreciate all the assistance in my well being. - 12/15/2020 

    Amber AvatarAmber

    Dr. Katie at Inner Health Chiropractic in Dublin, is by far the most talented and in depth Chiropractor I have ever seen. She takes her time to hear her patient's concerns then works to see in what ways she can help. Then she helps...sounds funny I know, but I have been to other places where I did not get the help I needed.

    It's not just a "pop," "pop" here and there. She focuses on the areas of pain, finds the problem, feels the area, then she adjusts it accordingly. I have never seen such detailed care before. I can't tell you how many times I have seen other Chiropractors for them to do the same exact adjustments every single appointment. Dr. Katie is like a breath of fresh air.

    She truly cares and it shows and in this world, that in itself is golden. She pays attention to detail and doesn't only adjust my problem areas, but also educates me why they are my problem areas and gives me solutions to work on at home to become my healthiest me...and as I get older, believe me...any help I can get with having happy, healthy bones is a plus.

    I never knew there was much of a difference in the Chiropractic community, but through circumstance of being in an accident and meeting Dr. Katie, I learned there definitely is a difference.

    The standard of care given at this practice is golden. Finding Dr. Katie as my Chiropractor has truly been a blessing and now my whole family comes here.

    Thank you Dr. Katie for being an absolute amazing doctor. Thank you Olivia, Haylee and Brandy and everyone else for being amazing team members that always greet me with kindness and a smile.

    I highly recommend Dr. Katie and her team. - 12/05/2020 

    Eri Stewart AvatarEri Stewart

    Im so satisfied with my visit!! I feel good and everyone there was so nice, they took good care of me. THANK YOU MARK! - 12/01/2020 

    Terrance Zerla AvatarTerrance Zerla

    Been to a dozen Chiropractors over decades, Dr. Milhorn is the best. - 11/22/2020 

    Melani Moore AvatarMelani Moore

    This practice is truly amazing unlike any chiropractor office I have dealt with before. Caitlin the doctor is so wonderful explaining everything thoroughly both what she think is going on with your body to what she is going to do to help you. She is gentle and kind. Every bed is a roller massage bed! And they have an in-house masseuse who is really really good and an equal part of your treatment. The staff is friendly and kind of the office is clean and covid compliant. I highly recommend! - 11/18/2020 

    Nate Anucha Thinthapthai AvatarNate Anucha Thinthapthai

    I love coming here. Other chiropractors always try to sell me things. Not here. Always good conversations with Dr. milleriron. - 11/17/2020 

    Nate Ansel T. AvatarNate Ansel T.

    I love coming here. Other chiropractors always try to sell me things. Not here. Always good conversations with Dr. milleriron. - 11/17/2020 

    Deborah Johanna AvatarDeborah Johanna

    I feel like they do a great job of assessing and having a plan to improve your condition, through adjustments but also exercises you can do on your own that help your posture and strengthen weak areas. - 11/14/2020 

    Traci Walker AvatarTraci Walker

    Amazing care and detail to needs. - 11/14/2020 

    Vanessa Spradlin AvatarVanessa Spradlin

    From the receptionist' to the physical therapist & chiropractors they make the best team. I highly enjoy coming here always feel welcome & they all do an amazing job. Ever since I've started this journey here with my scoliosis, I've gotten much better @ managing the pain & discomfort that can come with it. My life has changed with their help I'm very grateful! 🙂 - 11/13/2020 

    Pat Johnston AvatarPat Johnston

    Love Dr Atkinson she is thorough, kind & informative. The staff is wonderfully patient & kind as well. I highly recommend this practice 👍👍👍👍👍 - 11/11/2020 

    chantel mcdowell Avatarchantel mcdowell

    The staff is amazing and extremely welcoming!! I used to come here a few years ago and fully expected to see the same staff and wasn’t sure how to feel about seeing a new doctor, but the new crew is truly wonderful and I am very happy at this location. My doctor listens to my needs and makes me feel as though I’m in charge of my treatment plan. The communication the office sends out regarding confirming/cancelling appointments is honestly better than anywhere else I’ve been. It’s simple, easy, and convenient. What more could you ask for?! I recommend this location to everyone! - 11/09/2020 

    Abby Huffman AvatarAbby Huffman

    Everyone in the office is kind and friendly, and my doctor has done an excellent job explaining the process to me as well as walking me through my X-rays. The adjustments and massages seriously leave me feeling like a new human being. I go twice a week for optimum results. - 10/31/2020