Workers Comp Injuries & Treatments

Workers’ Comp Claims & Back Injury Treatments in Columbus Ohio

No one wants to miss work. It’s even more difficult when you get hurt on the job. No matter where you work, whether it be lifting heavy boxes in a warehouse, hammering nails on a construction site, or even shelving books at a library, injuries can happen. You can pull a muscle, dislocate a joint, or rip soft tissue. These damages can happen in your neck, back, and many other places on your body. Even with these pains, many choose to ignore their ailments. There are many reasons why this is not the correct choice.
If you have been injured at work, it is best for you and your job if you seek help. Ignoring your pain can lengthen one’s recovery time and in some cases, cause permanent damage. In addition, your injury may cause you to miss days at work or even make mistakes at work.
Sometimes the paperwork for worker’s compensation can be daunting. However, here at Inner Health Chiropractic, our office staff are eager to assist you in filing a claim. The office workers are educated on how to ensure that whatever treatment you need will be included on your paperwork.
By getting chiropractic help, you are sure to recover from your injury faster. It has been shown through research that those who just merely rest return to work a lot later than those who go through chiropractic therapy. Our therapists are equipped with the knowledge and skill to diagnose your injury and to help you on the road to recovery.