Spinal Disc Problems

Chiropractors approach to disc problems is to restore position to improve motion to the spinal joints. Better spinal function will reduce inflammation so the slow process of healing surrounding tissue can begin. Many patients have avoided costly surgery or addictive pain medication by choosing chiropractic care.

Injury or trauma to the spine can cause discs to herniate, bulge or rupture which puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots interfering with normal function and causing pain. This is sometimes referred to as a “slipped disc” however the disc does not actually slip because of the way it is attached to the vertebrae.

Disc Tear – A small crack or micro-tear in the outer cartilage material, the annular fibers, of the disc is the most common disc injury. When this occurs, fluid starts to leak out and the disc begins to wear thin.

Bulging Disc – Swelling occurs when the soft jelly like material from the middle of the disc pushes outwards. The nucleus is still contained with the outer fibers of the disc, but this bulge causes pressure and painful symptoms.

Herniated Disc – When the soft jelly like material from the middle of the disc ruptures through the outer fibers of the disc and the nucleus is no longer contained and extends beyond the normal limits of the disc.

Prolapsed Disc – A fragment or free floating piece of the disc material separates away from the disc.

Dessicated Disc – A damaged disc loses its fluid content and degenerates causing bones to begin fusing together.

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