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Columbus Chiropractors

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Inner Health Chiropractic offers a full range of the most effective chiropractic and pain management services at all five of its Columbus Ohio chiropractor locations.

Doctors and Massage Therapists

German Village Chiropractic - 1201 S. High St.

Dr. Brian L. House, D.C., CCSP

Dr. David Milliron, D.C.

Dr. Travis Taylor, D.C.

Rachael Jakubowski, LMT

Dublin Chiropractic - 220 W. Bridge St., 161 & 270

Dr. Jody Slone, D.C.

Greg Engelhart, LMT

West Columbus Chiropractic - 5125 W. Broad St.

Dr. Joseph Latona, D.C.

North Columbus Chiropractic - 1579 E. Dublin-Granville Rd. (161 & 71)

Dr. Zach Stoller, D.C.

Bryania Banner, LMT

Micah Crowl, LMT

East Columbus Chiropractic - 3321 E. Broad St.

Dr. Charles Hughes, D.C.

Christopher Smith, LMT

Chiropractic for benefit of all

  • Auto Accident Whiplash Treatment
    Whiplash Treatment in Columbus Ohio Whiplash is a type of sprain that happens to your neck when you are in an accident. Even if the accident was at low speed, accidents are very serious and…
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  • Pregnancy Back Pain
    Chiropractic care for Pregnancy Back Pain During pregnancy your body is going through several physical changes in preparation to create an environment for a developing baby. As the baby grows, a protruding abdomen and increased…
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  • Workers Comp Injuries & Treatments
    Workers' Comp Claims & Back Injury Treatments in Columbus Ohio No one wants to miss work. It’s even more difficult when you get hurt on the job. No matter where you work, whether it be…
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  • Physical Therapy Columbus Ohio
    Physical Therapy for Back & Spine related injuries After an injury, recovery is very important to heal correctly and to keep your body healthy. Physical therapy can help a person who is recovering in various…
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  • Massage Therapy Columbus Ohio
    Benefits of Massage Therapy Massage therapy can lead to a string of good things. One after another, the good symptoms just keep coming and building on top of one another. There is definitely a reason…
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  • Pain Management with Chiropractic Care
    Pain Management Columbus Ohio A recurring feeling of pain can be frustrating. It can be even worse when the pain is chronic and just won’t leave you alone. When a muscle or a nerve just…
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