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Chiropractor Columbus Ohio

IHC offers a full range of the most effective chiropractic and pain management services at all five of its Columbus Ohio chiropractor locations and now our newest location in Pickerington Ohio!

From massage therapy and physical therapy to the latest pain management techniques and chiropractic treatments, our seasoned chiropractor doctors and expert staff are ready to design a treatment plan that’s right for you. Our goal is always to fully alleviate your back or neck pain, treat your whiplash or work place injury, or address your other healthcare issues, and untimely get you back to the quality of life you deserve.


Franklin & Fairfield County Chiropractors

With 6 Columbus Ohio Area Chiropractic offices and our newest Pickerington Chiropractic location, the leading health professionals at Inner Health are dedicated to helping you achieve your wellness objectives by combining skill and expertise that spans the entire chiropractic wellness spectrum.

Office Hours

You can call our highly experienced clinical team Monday – Friday or use our online form for booking appointments outside of our regular office hours.

9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm
9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm
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  9am-12pm & 2pm-6pm

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Chiropractic Therapies & Treatments

Lower back pain results in millions or people missing work or becoming less productive due to the constant pain. Many factors can be the root cause for lower back pain including slouching, heavy lifting, trauma, or inherited spinal abnormalities.

The mid back is called the “dorsal” or “thoracic” spine. This area is located between your back rib cage and base of your neck. It is comprised of twelve spinal disks with matching pairs of ribs, several vertebrae, and many muscles and ligaments. 

Injury or trauma to the spine can cause discs to herniate, bulge or rupture which puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots interfering with normal function and causing pain. This is sometimes referred to as a “slipped disc”.

The Oxford dictionary simply defines sciatica as “pain affecting the back, hip, and outer side of the leg, caused by compression of a spinal nerve root in the lower back.

Whiplash is a type of sprain that happens to your neck when you are in an accident. Even if the accident was at low speed, accidents are very serious and can have serious consequences to your body.

As the baby grows, a protruding abdomen and increased back curve cause postural adaptations which can result in a misaligned spine or a bulging disc resulting in sciatica. You get back pain, you get headaches, and you get nauseous.

If you have been injured at work, it is best for you and your job if you seek help. Ignoring your pain can lengthen one’s recovery time and in some cases, cause permanent damage.

While chiropractic promotes and maintains proper alignment of joints and surrounding tissues, massage therapy focuses on releasing tension from the muscles.

After an injury, recovery is very important to heal correctly and to keep your body healthy. Physical therapy can help a person who is recovering in various ways.

Sports injuries can vary in severity and portion of your body that is affected. Back pain from pulled muscles and spinal injuries to sprained ankles and knees, physical therapy plays an important role in getting you back in the action.

Upper and lower back pain can affect your quality of life by hindering your everyday tasks around Columbus. Back pain can stop you from doing something as simple as bending over or even just standing for long periods of time. 

A recurring feeling of pain can be frustrating. It can be even worse when the pain is chronic and just won’t leave you alone. When a muscle or a nerve just won’t stop hurting it can create a multitude of problems.

Welcome To Inner Health Chiropractic in Columbus Ohio

Six chiropractic offices near you

Since 1995, we have been helping patients get relief from injuries and pain associated with the spinal and nervous system. We understand that not everyone is the same and that a comprehensive diagnosis and flexible treatment plan are important to a successful recovery.

Ohio State Chiropractic Association

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What Clients Say

  • Mr Staples Avatar

    Love these people here there are customer service friendly and they get you all the way right

    Mr Staples 4/28/2023
    Onjela Simmons Avatar

    I really love this staff! They deal with me always rescheduling due to my job. They are very kind and understanding. Most importantly I do see results. They are very patient with me and knowledgeable.

    Onjela Simmons 4/28/2023
    Brian Do Avatar

    Dr. Tyger is great! I’ve had back and neck issues for weeks and decided to seek help. I’m glad I found him & would recommend him to anyone. They were also upfront about costs so I didn’t feel like there... read more

    Brian Do 4/26/2023
  • Tony Patrick Avatar

    Doctor and receptionist were great and very helpful. They made me feel like family the way they took care of me. I'll definitely be back

    Tony Patrick 4/20/2023
    Tyler E Avatar

    Helped me a lot after a car accident. I asked a lot of questions and a job where its difficult for me to keep appointments, they were great and super helpful every step of the way

    Tyler E 3/23/2023
    Leah Alexander Avatar

    The massage therapist at the German Village location, Rachael, is magical. She deserves all the stars. She’s nice, she’s fun to talk to, but most importantly she is amazing at therapeutic massage. My muscles have never felt so good. I’ve... read more

    Leah Alexander 3/21/2023
  • Craig Leftwich Avatar

    The doctors and office personel are wonderful having a warm welcoming attitude.
    The atmosphere is very relaxing. My lower back pain is amazingly better. I highly recommend Inner Health Chiropractic.

    Craig Leftwich 3/06/2023
    donna garland Avatar

    The staff there are friendly and helpful. This is mine 2nd experience with them I like to be pills free and Inner Health they are really good their offices bed tools are clean massage etc..really help!

    donna garland 3/06/2023
    Wes Hall Avatar

    Awesome 👍 geat facility very clean. The doctor and the woman up front are both A+ . **Update my back and neck are starting feel so much better after I was in a serious car accident the Doc has done... read more

    Wes Hall 2/17/2023
  • Ryan Mayle Avatar

    Came here after a car accident. Everyone was really kind and helpful when I had no idea what was going on. I'll be going back in the future for sure.

    Ryan Mayle 2/10/2023
    Meesha Sparrow Avatar

    Dr. Taylor is incredible. Not only does he do great adjustments, he educates you and genuinely listens. When I have a particular issue, Dr. Taylor ensures to focus on the issue until it’s 100% better.
    I’ve been coming here for years...
    read more

    Meesha Sparrow 1/26/2023
    Peter Sweat Avatar

    Never felt better after more than 35 years of working Construction & Labor I felt a lot of pain & loss of motion . The abuse took it's toll on my body. I finally realized I needed to do something... read more

    Peter Sweat 1/25/2023
  • Ashley Brookins Avatar

    Dr. Taylor is amazing. I came in with my back in spasms and he had me feeling 70% better in the first visit. The front staff are friendly, quick (didn't wait long at all) and super sweet. I'm... read more

    Ashley Brookins 1/24/2023
    Amanda Conkle Avatar

    Extremely impressed not only in the business but the more nicest and caring staff. I'm a very good judge of character, they were very genuine and not one bit of fake like I have seen from many MANY offices I've... read more

    Amanda Conkle 1/21/2023
    butters the corn snake Avatar

    The staff is very welcoming and friendly. The doc is very good as well. Very professional attitude. Would recommend to anyone needing an adjustment, or post car accident work. This isn't my first go around with... read more

    butters the corn snake 1/20/2023
  • Micaela Thomas Avatar

    Great service! Demi always makes me smile when I come in and I'm always treated with so much respect by ALL the staff. My needs are met, concerns are listened to and that adjustment.....whew!! Has me feeling like a brand... read more

    Micaela Thomas 1/20/2023
    A P Avatar

    My mom had a severe back injury after doing housework. We went to Urgent Care and stayed at the ER for hours. It was difficult for her to move, and she was struggling to walk. Dr. Tiger helped her through... read more

    A P 1/14/2023
    Wes Hall Avatar

    Awesome 👍 geat facility very clean. The doctor and the woman up front are both A+ . Definitely recommend

    Wes Hall 1/12/2023

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