Columbus Chiropractor Reviews

Dax Madden Avatar
Dax Madden

5 star rating   Dr Caldwell and his associates are excellent. Very nice staff with scheduling to work around your schedule. Very nice office.  - 3/14/2017

Shelinda McElroy Avatar
Shelinda McElroy

5 star rating   Great friendly staff. Professional service.  - 1/15/2018

Christine Kershner Avatar
Christine Kershner

5 star rating   I would not be able to function without my regular therapeutic massages from Rachel Bond at Inner Health Chiropractic in German Village. She is the best massage therapist I have ever met and I have been getting massages for over 9 years at various offices and have had experience with a lot of other massage therapists. I have a lot of problems with pain in my neck and back due to working on a computer all day and she keeps me going strong.  - 8/29/2017

Joseph R. Avatar
Joseph R.

5 star rating   About two months ago I was the victim of a serious auto collision. I was hospitalized for 2 days and couldn't walk without assistance for about 2 weeks. I was in nonstop pain and wasn't sleeping very much. It was so bad that when I slept I had to sleep on my back- while I always slept on my stomach before this. On my first day here, they gave me a good pillow for sleeping on your back which allowed me to get some sleep. For the past several weeks I've been coming here 3-4 times per week and they've helped adjust my back, relieve some pain out of my chest, and I've used the massage roller every day which helps. I'm able to sleep on my stomach again, and I've been able to go back to work. Most of my pain is gone, and by the time I'm finished with treatment it should all be gone. I would recommend this place to anyone who has back or chest pain.  - 9/28/2015

Leslie Gegel Avatar
Leslie Gegel

5 star rating   I alway leave feeling so much better! Dr. Partee and Nickolas are great!  - 2/14/2015

Kate Edwards Avatar
Kate Edwards

5 star rating   I broke my arm and received convenient, thoughtful, affordable care.  - 10/03/2015

Ashley Bowling Avatar
Ashley Bowling

5 star rating   Amazing experience! Dr.Taylor is soooo nice and thourgh..Nice facility, modern equipment.  - 12/21/2017

Tara Patterson Avatar
Tara Patterson

5 star rating   I did alot of reasearch before choosing the office and decided on them because the location is close to my job. I have never been to a chiropractor before and Dr. Taylor and Dr. Wheeler were both so great with my adjustments helping me through them when it was hard for me to relax. Shannon is so great at running the office and always worked with my very demanding schedule. I would reccommend this place to anyone and will be returning. A great team all the way around!!!  - 1/30/2018

Daniel King Avatar
Daniel King

4 star rating   Dr Wheeler is a good doc. Staff is friendly and this company has intuitive online scheduling options at this location as well as at the other locations.

I went here a little more than a month after an auto accident, after I experienced some neck pain. My general care doctor only prescribed some pills and reported that I had no fractures after ordering an X-ray. When Dr. Wheeler X-rayed me, he found after viewing my scans that one of my vertebrate was improperly positioned, due to ligament damage. He explained all this to me and agreed with me that it was important to heal up properly rather than mask the symptoms with pills.  - 5/14/2018

O G. Avatar
O G.

5 star rating   Great staff!  Very accommodating of my busy schedule.  If I have to call in short notice, they always take care of me.  Love this place!  Thanks for all the help after the car accident.  - 8/10/2016

J H. Avatar
J H.

5 star rating   Dr. Chiu is amazingly knowledgable, and by far the best chiropractor I've been to. He is very thorough, and saw what others have missed. He is very personable and caring, and that is hard to find in the medical field these days. Everyone in the office is great and they are very flexible. I highly recommend!  - 10/18/2013

Ethan Pirigyi Avatar
Ethan Pirigyi

5 star rating   I have only been going for a few weeks now, but the experience couldn't be better. I hurt something in my back while golfing and they have helped me feel a million times better. Whether it is for an appointment right when they open, or just before they close, everyone is friendly and welcoming from the moment I walk in until I leave. Definitely recommend!  - 3/02/2018

Carole F. Avatar
Carole F.

5 star rating   I've been to many chiropractors through the years. I have to say that by far, this is the best team that have ever dealt with. The doctor, the massage therapist, the assistance, the office staff... all wonderful and professional. I always feel cared for and the staff is willing to go the extra mile to help you, if you're willing to do what's required to help yourself also. Great office.  - 2/07/2017

Judie Lou Avatar
Judie Lou

4 star rating   Quality patient care.... Wonderful staff... Great experience  - 10/17/2018

Kantrell Cantlope Avatar
Kantrell Cantlope

5 star rating   Dr. Gorman in Toledo and his office people are amazing. Very personal and professional. I'm 37 yrs old and I've never been to a chiropractor, I've always heard bad things, my wife and I were in a car accident and we're both actually hurt. The best thing is we didn't get treated like a number, they ladies in the office are all really nice and knowledgeable. Dr . Gorman and his staff are all amazing I refer everyone to Inner Health Chiropractic. Check Em out, "They got your BACK!" 🙂  - 9/04/2014

Ardath Nash Avatar
Ardath Nash

5 star rating   Best chiropractors and Massage therapy in Columbus! Rachael gives the best massage I've ever had, and Dr. Taylor and Dr. Wheeler are both excellent with adjustments!! They are the three reasons I choose this location. Columbus has a zillion chiropractors, but this location is THE BEST- thanks to Rachael, Dr. Taylor, and Dr. Wheeler- and as long as they are there, I will be, too.  - 8/29/2017

Brenda Manthey Avatar
Brenda Manthey

5 star rating   Wow the massage therapist knew exactly what my issues were without me telling her

At one point I think I dozed off

I will diffenantly be going back to see her again she has helped me so much I feel like a new person and my headache is gone  - 12/12/2014

Julianne N. Avatar
Julianne N.

5 star rating   Quick and friendly staff! Would def recommend to all my friends and family! Looking forward to another appointment!  - 7/07/2016

Alaa A. Avatar
Alaa A.

5 star rating   I am a college student and have been going there for mainly hand and spine readjustments, it's been amazing! I wasn’t able to play the piano for a few years in high school after an accidental land on my hands, but after continuous hand readjustments, I’m starting to play again, pain free. Staff is respectful and the doctors do their jobs really well, and educate you about good habits and practices.  - 12/03/2018

Crystal Elliott Avatar
Crystal Elliott

5 star rating   Dr Wheeler, Dr Taylor treat your specific needs not a one size fits all sort of chiropractic needs. I switched from bpmr as they were in it for the $$ this is now the 2nd time I've unfortunately had to see them do tp car accidents that were not my fault! They are awesome and the staff is awesome. Especially on last minute changes in your schedule. Also, they provide rides if your in need og one. They are amazing. This is truly the pnly place id go to again and DEFINITELY the only place id recommend to others!  - 2/11/2018

Alaa A. Avatar
Alaa A.

5 star rating   Been going there for mainly hand and spine readjustments, it's been amazing! Staff is respectful and the doctors do their jobs really well, and educate you about good habits and practices.  - 10/13/2018

Lisa Montgomery Avatar
Lisa Montgomery

5 star rating   I have been searching for a chiropractor and I was very fortunate to find Inner Health which is close to my job. The staff and doctors provide excellent service and adjustments. I will say that Thad the massage therapist is simply amazing!!  - 3/02/2018

Brittany Hayes Avatar
Brittany Hayes

5 star rating   Dr.Caldwell is fantastic. The staff are very nice and make you feel welcome. I have to bring my son with me to my appointments and I love how they all interact and play with him. Would definitely recommend to anyone.  - 9/05/2017

Joseph Gonzalez Avatar
Joseph Gonzalez

5 star rating   Your in good hands here with trained professionals  - 1/06/2017

J H. Avatar
J H.

5 star rating   Dr. Chiu is amazingly knowledgable, and by far the best chiropractor I've been to. He is very thorough, and saw what others have missed. He is very personable and caring, and that is hard to find in the medical field these days. Everyone in the office is great and they are very flexible. I highly recommend!  - 10/18/2013

Roxanne Cantlope Avatar
Roxanne Cantlope

5 star rating   I love this place! Everyone is extremely friendly and the staff is knowledgeable. It's rare to find a health care establishment that treats you like a person and not a number. I refer everyone I meet to Inner Health Chiropractic. Thanks so much to Dr. Gorman and his staff! You guys are rock stars!  - 9/04/2014

Kirby Allen Avatar
Kirby Allen

5 star rating   I was in Columbus on a business trip and ended up with some lower back issues after the plane ride. They saw me in a pinch. Dr. Taylor is extremely personable and a heck of a doc. Don't hesitate to go see them! I wish I could have brought them home with me.  - 7/31/2017

Rebecca Lynn Avatar
Rebecca Lynn

5 star rating   An amazing place! Feel so much more like myself then i have in months. Highly recommend the whole staff, true happiness  - 11/11/2016

Levi McGrath Avatar
Levi McGrath

4 star rating   This was my first time involved in a collision, and I had been skeptical about chiropractors before I was referred here. The staff at the desk were very friendly. The three doctors that treated me were all very pleasant and skilled. I walked in a little intimidated by everything I needed to do after the accident, and now that my course of treatment is over I'm going to miss this little part of my day.  - 6/29/2017

Tiffany Niccole Avatar
Tiffany Niccole

5 star rating   Dr Nick Robinson in German Village is the best!!!!  - 3/26/2014

I used to suffer from back, knee, shoulder, neck and wrist pain. It started around 4/25/2013. My pain level, from 1 to 10, was at a 10 every day. I could hardly do anything without pain. Since chiropractic, I sleep at night, I can bend over and touch the floor and can walk without pain. I am pain free in so many ways, Thank you! You all have done a geat job on me and I am so satisfied with the results.

Eugene B.,

I came to Inner Health Chiropractic with mid back pain and recurrent migraines. I have had migraines about once a week for 12 years. I have tried over the counter pain killers, taking more than the recommended dose and gone to see six or seven different doctors. At it’s worst, my pain, from 1 to 10, was a 30. I had nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound. Any movement hurt.

With the back pain, I wasn’t able to exercise or play with my kids. Because of the migraines, I wasn’t able to do ANYTHING! I couldn’t cook, clean, eat, anything.

After only three visits, I am off the painkillers, doing Yoga and playing with the twins again. Life is great! I also used to have digestive problems and they are going away.

I didn’t realize how much I was missing in life and how miserable I was. Getting out of bed was hard, let alone anything else. My life and outlook on life has done a 180. I can hold my head up high now, literally!

Mary D.,

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